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  1. "TIE Fighter" Box

    I designed and created the TIE Fighter Box for a Star Wars themed art Exhibit that happened in May. For those that don't know May is Star Wars month (especially May 4th…May the 4th be with you). I turned the main body out of hard maple. I first turned a rough cylinder and added all my layout...
  2. Wood Tie

    After debating what to get someone that has everything they need, I got the idea to make them a wooden tie I had seen on this site previously. This is sort of a combination of ideas i found in several online searches. Due to the difficulty in wrapping the gift, I made a box special for this...
  3. Wood Tie

    Made from Cherry and Oak.
  4. "8 bit" tie

    It's not a matter of why, but why not. Poplar, lines are burnt on with a propane torch
  5. Bow tie rack, and more!

    I seem to have run out of space in my room and things are always thrown around everywhere. Me being only a teenager, my mom is always saying to clean it up! So with a little imagination and some wood, I created a solution to store my Bow ties, ties, and belts! While looking very stylish. This...
  6. Travel sized Tic Tac Toe board

    For some reason, I enjoy making small pieces like this. Maybe since I don't feel bad if something gets messed up. Or maybe finishing these things is helping build my confidence. The body is walnut, the dividers are eastern red cedar and the cover is cherry. All 3 pieces of wood were free and...
  7. Cedar Tie Rack

    Pair of matching aromatic cedar tie rack / holder to replace a store-bought one that broke. I cut them out with a shaper origin router. Super easy to use. The tape in the last picture is what the router camera uses to orient itself.
  8. Minnesota Timberwolves Bolo Tie

    I thought the team logo of the Timberwolves would make a nice bolo tie. I'm not what you'd call a great fan of them. I guess you'd call me a fair weather fan. I carved this the year they made the playoffs. The president of the team , Kevin McHale is from my hometown. Black Walnut is a great...
  9. Figured Maple Bow Ties

    Made bow ties for my son and some of his fraternity brothers. He is an SAE and their colors are royal purple and old gold, so I thought the figured maple dyed with TransTint "Dark Vintage Maple" and finished with General Finishes "Arm-R-Seal" semi-gloss got close to old gold. My son actually...
  10. A wooden tie

    Two shoelaces and a piece of ash and you've got a new tie !
  11. Spooky Ghosts !

    My daughter and I made some spooky Halloween ghosts for the front yard. Just some 1/4" plywood cut on the scroll saw, painted and attached to stakes. We have a lot of fun in the shop together.
  12. Christmas Bowties

    I saw a picture of one so I made one. Now everyone else wants one, so I made another and I have a lot more scraps and material to make a few more. The Christmas Camo bowtie is cherry and has the upgraded Velcro strap for attaching it to your favorite neck. Material was specially chosen to...
  13. Suit and Tie Cutting (Key) Board

    First I have to thank Jeff (JL7) Loken for his inspiration ("push forth and conquer") and his assistance in providing his measurements for this project. (Thanks so much for your help Jeff). The sapwood in the walnut created a "bowtie" effect and I decided to leave it. I'm calling this my "Suit...
  14. Wooden Necktie (my reversible variation)

    I stumbled upon the Woodworking for Mere Mortals video of him making a wooden necktie and decided I had to make one. The only thing is that I have 5 different dress shirts so I wanted to make mine reversible so I could wear it with any of them. Doing this didn't require too much design change...
  15. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Is Oregon Hazelnut wood good for woodworking? I didn't find much of anything on here or on the web :-(
  16. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I see cans of poly next to cans of poly for floors and I cant figure out the difference.The price is the same or close,the label doesnt spell out the difference,and I remain confused.Is the floor poly harder?More durable? Or what??? Ive been tempted to try it on some table tops.Anyone have any...
  17. Wood & Lumber
    Im in my apt in charlotte, and dont have a truck with me… has anyone ever transported 100b.f. wood in a car? I have a 2009 jetta, the back seats drop down and maybe i could let it stick out the back of the trunk. I'd rather not rent a truck cause the trip to the lumber yard is a bit of a drive...
  18. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Need help designing a more comfortable and practical way to wear this wood tie I made. Right now I am just wearing the elastic cord that holds the pieces together. Needs to be thicker and able to easy get on and off the neck. any ideas?
1-18 of 18 Results