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  1. Another tic tac

    Another tic tac, walnut and poplar plywood, dimensions 110×110x40 mm.
  2. Small tic tac

    Small tic tac, built with scrap wood of walnut. The dimensions of 58×58x17 mm. , the balls with a diameter of 8mm. are beads for necklaces.
  3. Chaotic Game Stand

    This is a piece I did several months ago. I call it Chaotic as there really is no rhyme or reason for doing it and I think it reflects life as I know it. The Tic Tac game was a particular favorite when I was growing up. No one can win. I added the Golf ball cages after seeing them posted...
  4. Another game tic tac

    Another game tic tac, the upper part is a piece of parquet laminate, the frame is made of walnut 14×14x6 cm. the plan top, I made the grooves 4 mm (table router) in which I put the strips of walnut. In the lower part I created a slot to store your marbles when not in use.
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello! May be a silly question but better to ask before I cause major problems. Other than realigning the top, what problems could occur if I remove a cabinet mounted trunnion top? I'm thinking there would be nothing else but better to ask. I have to get the saw into the basement and have a few...
1-5 of 5 Results