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  1. marking gauge

    This marking gauge was loosely based on the plans from ShopNotes, No.54. It's made of Honduran rosewood, finished with two coats of shellac. I wanted a big and heavy gauge, comfortable for a lefty. The fence size is 4-1/2" × 3", the beam-3/4" × 1" × 11". The cutter is made of a dull jigsaw...
  2. 16 month Music Stand

    I finally finished my wife's Christmas gift from last year. I designed this on the fly and it was stuck in my head for most of the 16 months. I would work on it a little and get stuck on what to do next so I would put it aside. The octagon shaped main post was actually the first piece I made and...
  3. Threaded insert jig – HOW TO MAKE

    Threaded insert jig [and blog] See the HOW TO MAKE A THREADED INSERT JIG blog. I thought it might come in handy for some of you. Best thoughts, MaFe
  4. Joinery
    I've been building table with 20 degrees angle legs and I was planning to attach the legs with internal hex flat head bolts through the top and threaded inserts on the legs. Unfortunately the red hard wood (massaranduba) I used breaks very badly when I try to insert a threaded insert so I gave...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am going to mount a 1.5" thick plywood drill press table to the stock metal table with either 3/8" hangar bolts or 18mm length threaded inserts. Any idea which is a better or stronger longterm fastener? I am leaning towards hangar bolts because it seems to me it has a larger contact area and...
  6. Woodturning
    Hi Everyone, I found this video accidentally and foiund it highly entertaining. I think we all know some guys like this. Hope you also enjoy it. Note the TOOL -REST-- multi function tools.
  7. Finishing
    The more I dive into tutorial videos and such, I see and hear about more and more people wet sanding their work. What are the advantages? (It's sanding with oil and NOT water, right?)
1-8 of 8 Results