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  1. Joinery
    When I make my 13" pizza peels I glue a 5/8" ish blank up. After glueup I run the blank thru the planer to its' 1/2" final thickness, I check to enusure that the blank isnt't cupped/warped, and then taper it further on a sled thru the planer to its final tapered shape (approx 1/8-3/16" at the...
  2. Blogs
    Thin Material I have been salvaging wood from my job sites. The latest was some cedar cut offs, so decided to cut them into very thin slabs of about 1/4 and see what i could make. So far i have made a tray to contain silver ware in the silverware drawer and a large tray for the other utensils...
1-2 of 2 Results