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    Making an Internal Thien Baffle for a HF Dust Collector I was lucky enough to get the popular Harbor Freight 2 HP dust collector for Christmas. People have modified that thing in every way imaginable, so I found plenty of inspiration out there when planning what to do with mine. I decided to...
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    Harbor freight dust collector or any like it I recently purchased a HF DC and set it up to vent outside (please don't freak closest house is a mile away). I sat the middle section ( where filter and bag would typically go) on top of a 55ga barrel….between the 2 is a circle cut out of wood with...
  3. Focus on the Workspace
    Once again, I've returned to my favorite place to ask questions! This time about dust collection. I've read a lot of forums, Bill Pentz's work, etc…. With all of that, I still have a question. I bought a nice used Jet DC-1000c for my basement workshop. The DC unit has a 6" intake, but came with...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Here is my thien baffle Here is the result after several hours of jointing, planing, and ripping I'm amazed at how well this thing works. There was barely a tablespoon of material in the DC bag until I noticed my can was full!
  5. Focus on the Workspace
    When I first got my router, I didn't use a mask and after about 30 seconds I realized that was insane. Working in the garage, I always have it open and I've got a decent fan on a stand nearby to blow some stuff out. Now, with a new table saw I figured I really need a dust collector. Gonna buy...
21-25 of 25 Results