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  1. The Kayaking Commissioner

    This is an extract article from our next newsletter - watch my blog entry for updates for when our 3rd Qtr 2009 Artisans Quarterly Review is released. Until then - here's a preview below. Links to Previous Issues: Featured Carving by Master...
  2. Blogs
    Initial Announcements - Artisans International TV Debut on EBRU-TV's "BLANK CANVAS" Artisans of the Valley is joining the ranks of international TV stars! ... OK fine we're not THAT popular yet … but we'll get there! Seriously - we were privileged to become part of EBRU-TV's new US based...
  3. Blogs
    Artisans EBRU-TV Artist Profile on "Blank Canvas" - Air Date September 24, 2009 For those whom are new to our blog site - Artisans of the Valley with our full cast of characters (Eric M. Saperstein, Theresa Tonte, Stanley D. Saperstein, and a rare on camera appearance by Cindy Saperstein) will...
1-3 of 3 Results