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  1. Claro Walnut Bowl

    This is a claro walnut bowl finished with walnut oil. It is about 9"x3".
  2. Getting me OFF of probation

    I know, and have always known, that all of the rest of you, AND this site, have been kind to me, and patient with me. And I know I've been on probation for the entire time that I've been a LumberJock. Because … I've NEVER BUILT a cutting board ! I know. Hard to believe, huh ? Well … today …...
  3. ☼ Toy Chests with chalkboard panels ☼

    This was a project that I completed in June, they were gifts for my 'nieces' (they aren't technically my nieces but may as well be!). The chests are made out of birch plywood, covered the edges with Walnut edge banding, and walnut letters for their initials. I don't have very many build...
  4. Wood & Lumber
    Hi all, I'm in the midst of building a redwood fence using tongue and groove Clear A redwood. I know with standard wood slat fences, using other types of wood, you should leave ~.25 inch gap between each slat to allow for expansion and prevent warpage and cupping from slats being too tight. My...
  5. Blogs
    Making Figured Maple Wainscot for a restaurant Over the summer one of my instrument building customers told me he bought a restaurant. It seemed out of the blue but I wished him well. Then I realized that he was not telling me this coincidentally. Rather, he wanted the restaurant's...
1-7 of 7 Results