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  1. Oak Rocking Chair - Xmas Present

    I made this rocking chair for my grandma for Christmas. I got the plans from WOOD Magazine. This chair can be use indoors or outdoors. I used an outdoor deck sealer on it and I also waxed and buffed it. This is my first chair I ever made.
  2. Peyoke Medicine Bowl

    Here's a recent turning that I did for our local woodturning competition. It's called Peyoke Medicine Bowl. The Peyoke Medicine Bowl is a tribal mortar and pestle. A mortar and pestle is a tool used to crush, grind and mix, in this case, medicinal herbs and plants. The mortar, which is almost...
  3. Texturing tool Homemade!!

    Hello! I just wanted to share this great project with everybody. I don't quite remember where I saw this but I remember the concept and well here it is. first the list of materials: 1/2 copper tube 6 inch long ( I got it at lowes for $6 / 20 inch tube) and I had the guy cut for me. 3/8×1/2...
  4. Wildlife Scene Coffee Table

    This project started as an idea for a coffee table that was functional as well as totally unique. We decided to make this table out of western red cedar and douglas fir. The first part of the project was to design the scene that I thought would be interesting yet not cluttered. I used Vectric...
  5. Textured Cherry Bowl

    7-1/2" cherry bowl. Experimenting with texturing. Finished with mw poly. From Feb '18.
  6. Textured Oak Bowl

    10" textured oak bowl. Fairly plain grain so I wanted to see if texturing added anything. MW poly finish. From Feb '18. Texturing was done with the Sorby texturing and spiraling tool.
  7. Live Edge Vendetta Table

    Beautiful, rustic vibe. Base built from reclaimed antique heart pine & table top built from a reclaimed live edge oak slab. Base color is burnt umber with a waterborne top coat . The top is finished with our special oil.
  8. Shot glass (bowl 40)

    In breaks between waiting for other projects to dry (I've started using Tried and True Varnish Oil for some projects, and it looks like it's going to give great results if I can just be patient enough to do a half dozen coats with a full day for each to dry), I've been playing with the lathe...
  9. Textured walnut and maple box

    Textured walnut and maple box I wanted to make a small box that was highly textured. For this box the texture was created by carefully stacking walnut and maple rings. The walnut rings have 'teeth' cut around the perimeter. Thanks for looking and I hope you like the box Roger
  10. Walnut and Beaver Stick Coffee Table

    Coffee table made of MDF substrates and Black Walnut veneers, textured / painted MDF and found beaver sticks. Water based Polyurethane finish rubbed out to satin sheen. To clarify: What I refer to as Beaver sticks are sticks that beavers harvest and debark to use in thier incredible lodges...
  11. Colored Object Series: A Textured Green Box

    This box is the first in a series of textured and colored objects. The colored turned out to be a little brighter than I had planned. The box is approximately 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2".
  12. Tea Light

    Been in the shed today and thought I would have another go at texturing. I want to explore what can be done in this part of turning. Anyway this is a tea Light holder made from English Oak and is 5 3/4 by 2 1/4 finished with sander sealer and then waxed
  13. Fancy Cane #1

    I have been admiring the turned canes here , for some time now . There are so many woodworkers making beautiful canes I thought I'd give a fancy cane a try , as I got a deal [I think?] on a new Delta midi lathe w/ a bed extension for $ 299 cdn . I didn't want to get too fancy my 1st time , just...
  14. Textured Plywood Box

    I have found the great projects on the Lumberjocks website and the helpfulness of all the members a great inspiration and motivation to get back into the workshop. Recently I started a series of painted and textured wooden objects. This box is a result of my experimentation with textured wood...
  15. Nana's Spice Cabinet

    Sometimes I just like to try new things. My wife's side of the family draws names for Christmas. This year I got my Mother-in-Law's name again, and she requested that I make her a new spice cabinet. She gave me some rough dimensions but pretty much left the rest up to me (except she did say...
  16. What I did today

    I made 4 pens and one bottle stopper today. The Bolt Action pens are purple heart and the slimlines are oak and jarrah. I think the bug has got me bad.
  17. Rocky Textured Box

    This box is another box in my textured object series. The box has less texture than my previously posted textured plywood box. For this box, I created small, irregularly shaped blocks on a disc sander to represent rocks. The top of the box was constructed by gluing together the individual...
  18. CLEO

    My latest box that I started last year but needed some shelf time as I was not too happy with it and also very busy with other more important things . The design addition of the added legs gave it a more balanced and lower look and solved the problem . The box is made from local maple and...
  19. CNC wooden texture

    Hi this is my new project of wooden texture. it is carved on my home made CNC machine. in the future i will do this texture in the big scale:D video on the link. subscribe if you are interested in more video. thanks
  20. Slab Coffee Table with Carved/Copper Tree Trunk Base

    A few months ago I made this slab coffee table for a friend of mine. I wanted to do something special for the base and I decided to build a carved, sculpted, and textured base. I wanted it to look kind of sort of like a tree trunk. I say sort of because I was more focused on creating a "cool"...
1-20 of 27 Results