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  1. My Workbench

    I completed this workbench using reclaimed barn timber from a barn that had stood for over 90 years in southern Maryland farm. The barn was taken down and the timber had been left out for mother nature to care for it when I got to them, a lumber jock dream…. The wood timbers took a couple of...
  2. Wood & Lumber
    Hey Folks! I wanted to share the 1st video from a new "Urban Sawmill Video Series" that we are producing on YouTube. First and foremost, we are NOT receiving any type of advertising dollars or any type of sponsorship. We do this 100% in our spare time to help advocate for urban lumber & urban...
  3. Wood & Lumber
    Greetings forum members! We just finished up on another stunning live edge walnut contemporary dining table that I wanted to share with the group. I own and run, Refined Elements, which is based outside of Austin, TX. We have the one of the largest live edge walnut inventories in Texas...
1-3 of 3 Results