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  1. More on my Homebuilt Router Lathe

    So you may have seen the video last week demonstrating my homemade router lathe in action. This is just a follow up of that video to answer any questions people had and take a closer look at how it operates. I also look at the imporvment I would make next time. Enjoy! - also see my website
  2. Bandsaw Bowl

    So it is a bit late for a valentines gift now but the idea of a bandsaw bowl is transferable to any shape. Hope this helps out someone. The videos aspect ratio is a bit messed up BTW. Check out my webiste.
  3. "Kinda" Natural Edged Bowl

    I recently turned this natural edged bowl, bellow you can see a video of me turning it, enjoy! For more images of this bowl and a look at another bowl turning (4th image) using wooden from a log check out this webpage: My turning process for...
  4. Hand Tool Project - Book Ends

    Hey LJ! As some may know I use maily power tools when woodworking, although I do used often use hand tools when it is appropriate. So after countless request I took the time to do a video where I make some VERY simple bookends using handtools. It took MORE time and I wont be converting any time...
  5. Tablesaw Snowflakes

    Hey LJ! I came across this method of making these cool little wooden snowflakes a while back, this year I decided I would make some for Christmas. These ones are made for ash and cherry If you want to see more about how they are made watch the video bellow and visit my website where I have...
  6. Woodturning Project - Goblet

    Hey LJs! So on youtube I reached my 1000th subscriber so to celebrate I posted this video showing how to make a this really nice goblet. I'm pretty happy with it, let me know what you think. See my YouTube Page Here! Enjoy :)
  7. Desk Tidy/ Organizer

    Hey folks! I decided I would combine a bit of turning with some woodwork to make this pretty simple desk tidy/ organizer, let me know what you think! Be sure to watch the video bellow to see how it was made and for more details and images of construction of this desk tidy take a look at the...
  8. Turned Wooden Mallet

    Here is a video of me turning one of the carving style mallets. I used an entire log to turn this but because the heart is still inside it may have a tendency to crack so if you do, do this you need to have a completely dry log.
  9. Spalted Maple Turned Box- With Stand (Yay)!

    Hey LJ! So if you have been following me on youtube you should know I was sent a box with some great bits of wood. Incidently you can also follow me on twitter more updates. One of those pieces of wood was a small but really great chunk of spalted maple. I decided I would use the splated...
  10. David Marks 206 Walnut Burl Table

    Here's a video from a few weeks ago showing off the table I finished up for my Mum.
  11. Making a Yo-Yo

    A few months back someone asked me if I would make a Yo-Yo, so here is my take on the project. Here is a link to more about the Yo-Yo over on my website: Be sure to let me know what you think!
  12. Inside Out Woodturning | Heart Shaped Pendant

    I used the technique of inside out woodturning to make this heart shaped pendant, to tell the truth it may have been easier to make this on the scroll saw but I was interested in trying the technique! For more on this project and the process of inside out woodturning visit here...
  13. Wooden Bowl From a Log

    Just a quick video showing how to make a wooden bowl from a log. Sorry that the audio is a little quiet. Enjoy!
  14. Another Bud Vase

    As the title says this is just another bud vase, this one is made from oak. Let me know what you think, bad or good, comment bellow!
  15. Homemade Bandsaw Finished

    Hey LJ! Just finished the my homemade bandsaw designed by Matthias Wandel and I wanted to show it off. It came out great painted black, tell me what you think. I have also posted a video of some of the final stages. Enjoy!
  16. Mother's Day Picture Frame

    Hey Guys & Gals! A quick video showing building a picture frame for mothers day. Really just an excuse to get out into the workshop. Enjoy
  17. Homebuilt Router Lathe

    Hey Lumber Jocks, So I have been working on this project for a while, it is a homebuilt router lathe which I designed to act as a copier lathe attachment. This version is at the point where it is fully functioning but I still think a version 2 is required for it to be a truley useful machine...
  18. Really Simple Segmented Bowl

    Hey LJ! So this is a video from a few weeks ago now so sorry if you have already seen this. Anyways this is, as the title says, a really simple segented turning. Enjoy the video!
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Just wondering if ne one had a suggestion for what brand to go with for a hybrid table saw? I have the craftsman 21833 right now but I'm looking for something a step up from that. I have approx 1000 dollars can go a little more but so far leaning towards the grizzly G0631. Ne one have some...
1-20 of 28 Results