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  1. Coat Hanger from TAWW Episode #2

    So here the coat hanger is finally. This is the same one from episode 2 of the Teen Age Woodworker. It is poplar finished with 1 coat of primer and about 4 coats of latex white paint. the detail on the edge is a roman ogre. As you could see in the Teen Age Woodworker episode #2 it is two boards...
  2. Blogs
    Todd A Clippinger March, 2010 This month, for our LJ eMag, we meet with Todd A Clippinger and learn a bit about his woodworking journey. 1. How did you find LumberJocks and what was the key feature of the site that kept you coming back? Not long after I bought my computer I was talking with...
  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Well as a lot of you know I finished my thank you card about a week or two ago and I got a lot of questions about who i was sending it to. Well the person Got it and they really liked it and after talking with him I got the okay to say who i sent it to. Well here he is! ;)
1-3 of 3 Results