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  1. Tear Drop Trailer

    I helped my sister-in-law, Janice, build this little camp trailer to tow behind her Subura. She bought a set of plans but we only used the pattern for the side profile.The rest is our design. Overall size is 4'x4'x8'. The frame is a folding trailer from Harbor Freight, modified and stiffened...
  2. Tear drop trailer

    This is a little teardrop I built two summers ago. Built on a 5×8 four wheeler flatbed. The wood stove does double duty in my portable shop. This was a fun build but took 168 hours. The mahogany butterfly skylight was almost 40 of it.
  3. tear drop / waterfall ?

    cut from one solid log. What would you call this? tear drop or waterfall?
  4. Teardrop Trailer

    I built this classic style teardrop trailer on a 4×8 ft cargo trailer frame. I cut the sides each from a single sheet of plywood and finished them before I began any other assembly. I also cut the holes for the doors at this time. The bottom was a thin sheet of plywood that I sprayed a...
  5. Teardrop bandsaw box #2

    Cherry bandsaw box which is part of a teardrop series that I'm working on. I just love cherry. Especially after you get all the layers of finish on it and see all the blacks, reds, yellows and oranges that come out. A pleasure to work with also.
  6. Teardrop camper

    Its taken over a year on and off but its finally, mostly, done. Started with a rotten popup camper I got for free. Its far from perfect but I think it's pretty cool and will sure beat a tent particularly on those rainy nights.
  7. My version of a Teardrop Trailer

    We call her "Fern". Okay, so this project isn't completely made of wood, but it's mostly wood. This is a 4 ft. by 8 ft. cedar Teardrop trailer. I used a rusty old homemade trailer frame I found in field as the foundation for this project. My goal during the building process was to preserve...
  8. The "Stripper"

    This is my first Teardrop project. It's a hybrid of my love for strip-built boats, and, at the time, new fascination with tiny campers. The walls are maple ply with Ash and Mahagony detailing. The roof is about 300 cedar strips. The whole shell is encapsulated in fiberglass/epoxy, like a boat...
  9. Blogs
    Gutted, flooring, and beginning cabinets I've begun. This build could probably work in the sister site, Home refurbers but it's a trailer and most of it is wood with some cabinetry so here it is. Besides it's what I'm doing now. The wife and I will be using it to do a complete loop of the US on...
  10. Blogs
    Buying an RV is not for this Lumber Jock, I will build one! How about a retro teardrop travel trailer big enough for a queen size bed, AC, TV and exterior kitchen galley? Don't ask me how much time and money I have spent on this. It is a sore subject in the house ;) Or when it will be finished...
  11. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Has anyone created an authentic drawstring bow and have 'thoughts' to offer on making one as a gift? thanks…
  12. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    I have getting closer everyday to making the decision to purchase a portable sawmill. This will primarily be for a hobby at first, but I would like your feedback about being able to sell raw lumber. I would like to understand if it is feasible for me to think I can make a little money (maybe...
1-12 of 12 Results