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  1. Urgent woodworking request

    My neighbor Paul had an urgent request for my woodworking assistance!!! He received a special poster for his favorite team. It had to get posted in the front yard…. we can all rest in comfort now we have resolved this pressing issue.
  2. Outdoor Trestle Table - my first furniture commission

    Here's an outdoor trestle table made from reclaimed Spotted Gum and Blackbutt 2×4's, photo 6 shows the stock in my car. I have an agency client (for my real job) that needed an outdoor table and a team building exercise. I organised the day and sourced some recycled timber…then the table saw...
  3. Blogs
    300k Comments; LumberJocks Story and Team Members On a positive note, we've crossed 300,000 comments yesterday... wow this is one great achievement. And it's even more amazing when put into perspective: 301,076 comments 11,081 projects 6,257 blogs 485 reviews 5,196 forum topics ===============...
1-3 of 3 Results