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  1. Intarsia Tiger on the Prowl.

    This is a new project that I made for this contest and I hope this shows some fluidity in nature. While making this, I tried to capture a majestic animal stalking it's prey through a forest. As you can tell, I really like to use all kinds of animals for my art. The tiger is made out of red...
  2. Sjoelbak a Dutch Shuffle Board Game

    My lumber jock brother, Rico, and I made two sjoelbak games for a friend of his daughter. I helped with the construction and making the 60 pucks. We used prefinished 3/4 in birch plywood for the bottom and solid sugar maple for the pucks and the trim. The gates are made of cherry and teak...
  3. Hatch Skylight

    Of all the things I've done with wood, woodworking on sailboats is the most interesting and challenging. This was built for a replica Howard Chappelle Maine Pinky Schooner - thirty plus feet long and all traditional construction and techniques. I helped the builder, off and on, for many years...
  4. Crazy Curves

    This is a wall hanger or a serving tray, if you like. At first, I was planning on making a vase to learn coopering. That didn't work out and I had these steam bent pieces of ash. So in disgust, I started planning out ideas and came up with this. I hand joined all the pieces of ash and took...
  5. Quarter Round Coffee Table

    The top is many lineal feet of 1/4" thick x 3/4" wide teak strips - bent and laminated over a subtop of laminated baltic birch ply. At the storage compartment, the lid was cut out after laminating for continuous grain match and the pull was carved out of teak strips that were laminated wider...
  6. Folding beard combs

    I had the good fortune to be temporarily unemployed last year and took that time to make some sawdust. I made two different styles of beard combs. One is a black walnut case/handle with maple tines and teak lamination with a cherry pin. The other is cherry with maple tines and cocobolo...
  7. Restored a $10 Adirondak Chair

    I bought this at a garage sale for $10 with the idea to maybe repaint it. Then I saw the wood underneath and just had to restore it. The wood was solid with no rot and it folded up too. So I started sanding it(with the help of the kids) and then dismantling it to sand the other parts of the...
  8. Teak gate

    The frame is redwood and the rest is made of a mystery wood that was mixed in with a truck load of ipe decking I bought from a guy on craigslist. It could be Mangaris but I'm not sure.
  9. marquetry cigar humidor

    This is a handmade humidor decorated with the marquetry art .For the decoration of the humidor we used the best veneers as ebony,teak and spanish cedar for the inside and also real mother of pearl pieces.The design of the humidor is inspired from a ancient greek pottery.This is a handmade...
  10. Ipe deck and fence.

    This was a fun project and to date one of my favorites. I spent some quality time with my father constructing the frame and building the wall for the fence. At 80 years old I still can't slow him down. The frame is redwood and the decking and railing is Ipe.
  11. Graduation Presents: Hers; Pochard

    After Tom Fidgen's design in The Unplugged Woodshop. Like her mother, she moves in many directions at once, but wherever she goes, she can at least take her love of art with her. Made of Teak, with mahogany trim. Finished with beeswax/BLO Made by hand
  12. Boxed in eaves with Ipe.

    I used some Ipe decking I bought off of craigslist for real cheep. Ripped it to size, cut tongue and groove then sanded and stained with Australian Timber Oil. Took me three days to install. NOT A FUN PROJECT but was worth every minute.
  13. is this teak can some one help ?

    im in a bind here and curius on what kind of wood this is and it is amazing ive been told it was teak by 2 diferent people and thats what they gesst first and this isint a project yet but didint know were to post new at this site but thoght id get your guys opinion thanks again
  14. Teak End Table

    Same design as the Coffee table, smaller scale and this time Mortise and Tenon for all the joints. Solid Teak with OSMO finish and paste wax polish. Mom needed a matching table, good thing there was some left over Teak.
  15. Teak fill-in for my Motorcycle

    I made 3 components for my Bike out of Teak, ( so far) if it is good enough to make criscraft boats out of it will work for my Harley. I made the dashboard, some very thin cuts with my scroll saw, needed to be backed up with plywood and double stick tape. The Saddlebag spoiler lights, were...
  16. Teak serving tray

    This is my first marquetry project its a teak serving tray with copmass rose inlay, made of wengé and maple. I,m realy proud of the result and am eager to know what you guys think of my work. - Frank Boer Skype: frank_boer More to follow if you guys like it. Thanks to Marc Spagnuolo and his...
  17. Western red cedar patio table

    I built these tables to match a set of chairs I previously posted. They are made from western red cedar and constructed entirely with mortise and tenon joinery. For these pieces I only had a mixture of light and dark pieces so dimensioned it in a way that I could use dark pieces for the border...
  18. Salon table on yacht

    This salon table on my uncle's yacht, is the follow-up to the teak serving tray I made. - Frank Boer
  19. WoodShop Power Tool Manual Rack

    Dont have any cabinets with draws yet so I desided to put together a small manual rack . I've been cleaning all my tools since last week and pulled out all my manuals for maintence and fine tuning. Its great having them all together at my fingertips for any issues. Afternoon project yesterday...
21-40 of 500 Results