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  1. Tea Light Bridge

    Some times things just come together in the shop that have been waiting to be something . I brought back these few scraps of East Indian Rosewood that were mostly sap wood and I know they would some day be useful for something. Then I saw Kaleb's fanning candle holder and thought I could do...
  2. Candle Holder

    I made this candle holder a few years ago in high school. The body is made out of red oak and the feet are mahogany. I saw the character this piece of "scrap wood" had with the worm holes and burr grain, and I think that's why I like it so much. Critiques welcome… thanks for looking.
  3. Tea Light Candle Holder

    This is a tea light holder made from some recycled wood, I think its Maple. There is no specific style I just made it as I went thinking of other candle holders and posts that I saw on this site. Its all the same wood I just stained the legs a different color.
  4. Rustic Tea Light Holders

    While waiting for picture frames to glue up, I whipped up a "Rustic Tea Light Holder". It's based on a few that have been floating around FaceBook from another woodworker. It's made from a ripped 2×6, stained with red oak. The legs were cut on the bandsaw from a 1×3 and stained in dark walnut...
  5. Tea Light Holder Router Profile Fixture

    Once the shape of the tea light holder was determined, a template was made for the profile and was also used to locate the candle pockets. The profile was roughed out on the band saw with a 3/16 wide blade leaving minimal stock for the profiling operation. The next operation was routing the...
  6. paper clip holder or tea light holder

    This is a birthday present made from the leftovers of my bandsaw box project. It has changed shape and dimensions a few times during turning, because I found out I didn't have the right tools and experience to make a pen stand with a narrow hole in the center, which was the original idea. Maybe...
1-6 of 6 Results