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  1. Bandsaw Box Bandsaw light

    I have some fine bandsaw cutting to do and I always have to turn the bandsaw around to avoid shadows and get good light on the cutting area. Friday I stopped everything to finally make a band saw light. I had this gooseneck laying on the bench for over a year and put it in the project. I needed...
  2. Focus on the Workspace
    Hey lads and lasses, off topic a little here, but it's about a rain barrel attached to my shop… does that make it woodworking subject matter??? I have a full rain barrel, too full to tip, lift, budge etc without heavy equipment. I want to tap it with a spigot so as not to have to go through...
  3. Blogs
    3D Printing in the Workshop While this topic doesn't strictly fit into the guidelines of timber product, it does incorporate the processing of said prerequisite, however, to err on the side of veto wizards I decided to blog instead of projecting it. We need to set the mood! Once...
1-3 of 3 Results