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  1. Beer tankard

    For the beer swap this year, I had decided to build a tankard. I'd seen tankards in Woodworking in Estonia and thought "how hard could it be?" That usually leads to an interesting build. I had a chunk of crab apple from a tree from my yard. It came down four years ago, and a friend had...
  2. Big cherry tankard

    Made from cherry. Fits 2 cans of Guinness.
  3. Wood Tankard

    Made a 3 wooden tankards for Christmas gifts this year. I used some different types of cherry for the contrasting colors, cut the wood into staves with the angle set to 11.5 degrees, and finished it with pour-on epoxy. After all of my research, the epoxy "should" be food safe if left to cure...
  4. Accidental Seahorse Beer Stein

    I made this beer stein for a friend's farewell gift. The body is honduran mahogany and walnut (both heartwood and sapwood), the top is cherry, and the handle is walnut and cottonwood. The carved "rope" was done with a file jig and the indexing pin on my lathe. My father found a nice glass...
  5. Ready for a Beer

    I made this beer tankard for my cousin. She wanted one that was made similar to a barrel so I cut staves out of white oak and glued them up with Titebond 3. I used TB3 because I wanted it to hold up to minor spills and cleaning (see my problem with glue up failure while turning posted in forum...
  6. Have a drink

    My biggest sellers on my etsy shop are these wooden steins. They are all turned from air-dried logs. I use progressively bigger forstner bits in my tail-chuck to hog out most of the material on the inside then I finish smoothing the interiors with my bowl scraper. The far left one is birch with...
1-6 of 6 Results