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  1. Pine wood derby cars

    Derby cars for scouts from a couple years ago. The Star Destroyer was the cub-master's car. It looked really good painted (no pics) but it looks sweet bare wood too.
  2. 330 Gallon Cypress Fermentation Tank

    Well, I'm back for a second fermentation tank. My neighbor's business, Peaden Brothers Distillery, has grown and keeping up with inventory required a little larger fermentation tank. The first one I built was 150 gallons. This one is approximately 330 gallons. The tank is made from cypress...
  3. Toy British WWI Tanks

    I've lurked here a long time and wanted to share an orginal project. These are two British WWI tanks that I made from bed slats, a few dowels, a Clementine box and a 2×3. I made "R3" for the son of lifelong friend. My friend is in the Armor Branch of teh US Army and needless to say, tanks are a...
  4. Navy plaque

    I cut this plaque using a scroll saw using birch ply. Gold brads on frame outside to add flare. Asked to make for a friend.
  5. WWI British Bunker

    This is a room inside a diorama I built 2 years ago, its all scratch made from Balsa wood. Its at 1:35 scale, so its all contained in a 7×9 inch space. Its part of a larger Diorama I did showing a British Mk. V Tank and Trench along with the bunker. I have been model building for the past 3...
  6. M1A1 Abrams Tank

    The pictures above are of my latest piece. it is an M1A1 Abrams Tank I built for my Nephew. He is a former US Army Sargent and "Tanker" who had 2 tours in Iraq. This piece represents 120 hours and over 1000 pieces. the base is made from a piece of "live edge" Walnut with the end caps of Cherry.
  7. Saltwater fish tank (5 gallon) for MIL

    So i keep a small saltwater tank at home and my MIL begged me to help her set one up. I kept telling her i was busy, ect as an excuse so i could make this baby behind her back. So it's a 5.5 gallon tank, if you look at the top you'll see a gap. The top actually lifts off and there's a small...
  8. 180 Gallon Aquarium

    This has been my biggest project. From a woodworking perspective, it was not overly difficult, but fairly large. I'm very happy with how it all turned out, but would do a few minor things different in the future. I have a very detailed build of this entire project that can be viewed HERE.
  9. toytank in wood

    Here are one of my toys! a tank, i have made two, one in 1:36 and one in 1:72 scale. theese are made in mdf, but the "real" ones, the ones i will make for sale, will be made out of solid wood :) hope you like it!
  10. Tiger Attack!

    I realize that some would (perhaps justifiably) call this cheating, but yes, I did use CNC for this sign - at least it was a home made cnc machine :-) Looking to make a series of "blue print" style signs and this is my first prototype. I'm quite happy with how it came out except for the...
  11. "Sherman's Bane" - 88mm Tiger Tank Armor Piercing Projectile Display

    Well my continuing quest to build displays for the artifacts of WW2 has brought me back to the AXIS side, after my last D-Day project focused on the Allies. I'm a huge fan of WW2 Tanks/Armor, and of course the most famous of all from that period (and probably all time) is the German...
  12. Aquarium stand with Peruvian walnut

    I may have mentioned in the past that one of my other hobbies is fish keeping. Specifically, two species of African cichlids. I keep Cyphotilapia Gibberosa (Frontosa) from the Mpimbwe region of lake Tanganyika in a 180 gallon tank, and in this new 75 gallon tank I keep Tropheus Moorii red from...
  13. Back for the Battle.... Tanks!

    Well it's been awhile since I've posted anything, but I'm back for the battle….. and I brought tanks! :) Here are some small tanks I made for the kids this weekend. There's still a few more to finish up, but you'll get the idea with these. They are so fun to make, and the kids are all in love...
  14. Toy German WW1 Tank

    This toy tank is made to look like a German A7V, which was the only German produced tank to see action in WW1. The one shown above was the second one I built from my original plans. It went a lot smoother than the first one. (Although the first one had room for a "clacker" gear on an axle that...
  15. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi, I am trying to permanently waterproof a piece of wood. The water will be sitting/travelling through this wood. As I was diggin the channels in the wood, I noticed some large rotted area which I cleaned up with a router and inserted new wood using gorilla glue. I will still have some...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a split tank air compressor setup with a silent air oil bath compressor filling a small 1gal portable unit. From this unit I have a little regulator and inline separator ($12 mastercraft, nothing special). I also have an unregulated output I run to a 20gal wheeled tank.The big tank I...
  17. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I work at a company that hires people with special needs mentally and physically.I supervise the woodshop and want to build a picnic table for the wheelchair bound clients. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    Anyone know where I might find some good plans or dimensions/parts list for a decent 9X10, 9X11, 9X12, 9X13, 9X14 shed??
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    OK, I have seen this but don't remember where, Using a table saw with a special fence as a edge jointer. Does anyone have any experience with this? Where can I see an example? That is all for now. Just need to clean up edges without spending money on a jointer. Thanks
  20. Site Help and Suggestions
    Is there a way to organizing my favorited items? I am thinking like creating folders that I could give a name to and then move certain items to those folders. Is there a way to delete a favorited item from my list. If I add somthing by mistake or have already built that project and no longer...
1-20 of 23 Results