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  1. Goose Calls

    These are a few goose calls I have turned. The pair of calls are Bolivian Rosewood one goose and one duck.
  2. Duck Calls

    Here are some of my duck calls. Variety of woods, zebrawood, cocobola, tamboti, rosewood and walnut.
  3. Tamboti Bowl

    Wow. I really should get a handle on my pictures. I had purchased this blank from WoodCraft 3-4 years ago. I let it sit for a while before initially attacking it. I mounted it to a faceplate and proceeded to turn to a cylinder. All edges smooth and bottom faced off. With most of the wax turned...
  4. Small Segmented bowl

    A small segmented bowl made from Angel Hair Maple, Osage Orange and Segmented Tambotti pieces used original gorrilla glue and Shellawax Cream for polish That Tambotti smells great ... too bad its toxic
  5. Older project pics .. small bowls and cups

    A variety of older projects from when I first started a few years ago
  6. Offset Tamboti Goblet

    First attempt at off-center turning. Harrowing.
  7. Tamboti Footed Rice Bowl

    Small rice bowl with decorative bead turned from Tamboti, or African Sandlewood. It is finished with blonde shellac and a thin wax coating. The curve is nearly perfect, though not…the story of my turning it seems. I am a furniture maker by education but only "turn at" wood I fear.
  8. Boom arm for Festool MFT/3 table

    I built this boom arm for a Festool MFT/3 table, but it can be used anywhere you need to manage hoses or electric cords. The pivoting boom arm was pretty easy to build once I settled on a design and is very strong and yet very light weight. It works better than I had hoped. This new design...
  9. Happy Mother's Day

    Couldn't think of anything to give mom for Mother's Day and finally settled on making these. I don't know the proper names of the kits, but I picked them up at Keim Lumber in Charm, OH. Decided to make a pen and letter opener set that mom can use at work. I've never turned before so there are...
  10. Mantle/Desk Clock

    Mantle/Deck clock made for a wedding gift. The frame is cocobolo with a cherry center piece. The clock movement is from Lee Valley. The curves were made with a router with a patten bit and the secondary curve in the rails and at the top of the stiles was made with a 3" diameter drum sander in...
  11. Love

    This is Tamboti, which I have never used before… but oh boy! I could use it every day, it was one of the best woods I've ever worked with. So hard and waxy and gorgeous grain omg. It is 6" tall, 3" wide and 2" thick (when I started).. the carving is about an inch thick, a little less. This was...
  12. Christmas Ornaments

    Wood-turned Christmas ornaments. The one on the left is all walnut, the one on the right is maple with redheart and tamboti.
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    I've been making recipe boxes as gifts lately, does anyone have a source for rub on graphics so I can label these boxes, all I want to do is somehow write or stencil the word " recipes" on the side of each box but I want it to be neat and professional looking. I'm aware of the computer...
  14. Blogs
    CNC Turning Laminated Maple I know there is a lot of curiosity in how I make things, so I thought I would start sharing some of the videos I shoot about them. They're just little things shot on my iPhone, but it gives you a pretty solid idea. :) This is part of a larger project that I am...
  15. Wood & Lumber
    Has anyone worked with this wood before? I took a trip to my local Habitat Restore today, where they rarely have any wood worth using, but do have cheap sandpaper and stain. Suddenly I heard the sound of several boards falling to the floor, something normally heard in the aisles of Home Depot. I...
  16. Wood & Lumber
    A wooden floor manufacturer who has become a friend since living here in China gave me about half a cubic meter of wood offcuts each piece measuring around 35×25 x 5cm. It was on a visit to his factory to pick up some teak I found him clearing up things in a warehouse. He pointed out some wood...
1-16 of 16 Results