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  1. Keepsake Box

    Keepsake box made from curupay and spalted Tamarind.The finish is semi-gloss lacquer. I made this box to use up the last of the nice board of spalted tamarind I had on hand. I had been saving it until the right wood combination could present itself. The bottom of the box is lined with green...
  2. Another Pen

    Turned using Spalted Tamarind. CA as a finish. This is my second attempt at this pen style. It is a funline designer pen kit.
  3. Spalted Tamarind bowl

    Love the Spalted Tamarind blanks at Amazon Exotic Hardwoods. There are hundreds of picture stories to be found in each piece.
  4. Spalted Tamarind Lidded Vessel

    I can see why hollow forms are so addictive. I really enjoyed this one. I think I will be doing more pieces along these lines going forward. If I had it to do again, I would have added some darker accents around the base of the piece or something like that. I guess there's no end to what we...
  5. Little Late For the Orange Bowl: Go Hokies!

    Quick and dirty decoration for the Orange Bowl. It might be bad luck. Another kid-friendly project - The kids shouted out messages as I freehanded the letters with my router equipped with a v-gouge across a 10 foot 1×3 clamped to a table. (loooong sentence). They cut the signs apart. Most...
  6. Ash Clothespins

    I recently started to make clothespins. I have found that the ones you can buy in the store are worthless as they are made with wood of poor quality and with subpar springs. They come apart pretty easily too. I make mine out of Ash and full coiled stainless steel springs. I also finish some...
  7. An Agglomeration of Christmas Pens

    A bunch of pens I made for Christmas. The woods include Olive Wood, Bocote, Bloodwood, Rosewood, Padauk, Purpleheart, and Tamarind. (I think I got them all.)
  8. flat coffered ceiling

    I recently installed a flat coffered ceiling in our master bedroom. I don't think it turned out too bad. As always, there were things I would change or do differently if I did it again. Thankfully, the room was square which made the project pretty straightforward. I used 1×6 boards with base...
  9. Spalted Tamarind Candlestick Holders

    The first project to come off my new lathe (a Jet mini). After a few test pieces I was comfortable enough with the process to take it to a really nice piece of Spalted Tamarind I recently acquired. Very pleased with the results.
  10. Think Big

    This is my first furniture & first project in my art studio. 7ft tall x 4.5ft wide x 4ft long. I started in September 3, 2010 and finished in October 8, 2010 with the help of one assistant. It is made out of my dad collection of old wood from 50-150 year old houses found in the Philippines...
  11. Daydreaming Bed

    Daydreaming Bed (October 11-25, 2010) Growing up, I always slept on a single size bed to save room. But when I attended college in the U.S., I was able to get myself a nice king size mattress but no bed. I brought back to the Philippines my memory foam mattress since my parents told me they...
  12. Pen for Mawmaw

    I made this pen for my grandmother's birthday. The kit is chrome and the wood is spalted tamarind. I finished using CA.
  13. Pen for co-worker

    I made this pen for a co-worker that helped me make a wort chiller for brewing beer. The kit is gunmetal and the wood is spalted tamarind. I finished using CA.
  14. Designing Woodworking Projects
    My latest project is building two large (40" x 48"), decorative/structural, brackets that support a porch overhang on an old Victorian home. I have copied the front porch bracket and enlarged them for my template. I intend to edge glue three 2×12's (SYP), three layers thick (4.5") . The question...
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    What type of router do I need for a router table,not brand but Can I make one out of a fixed base or do I need a plunger type?
  16. Wood & Lumber
    While the women cooked today, I figured it would be a great idea to go out on my own little "easter hunt" for hardwoods. came back with a significant haul of buttonwood (green-black heartwood), wild tamarind (dark-brown heart), pigeon plum (red-orange heart) & logwood (DARK red heart)... I...
  17. Wood & Lumber
    Does anyone have any finished products in Spalted Tamarind and/or would be interested in working with Spalted Tamarind? These pieces of mine were harvested in South East Asia for about eight months, I personally spalted them. Let me know what you think. Louie
  18. Wood & Lumber
    Hello all, I'm somewhat new to this board. I don't have much woodworking experience or knowledge at all, nor access to a wood shop, but I live in Thailand, which is chock full of interesting wood, and possibilities. that's what led me here. at some point i'll be interested in getting some help...
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi, I picked up a 1968 craftsman off of craigslist recently to help me finish out some work around the house. It's in decent shape for an old saw (it's identical to this one: and I'm starting to tune it up. The bearings are good, no...
1-19 of 19 Results