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  1. First pergola

    My wife has been asking for a pergola for quite some time. After taking it easy for the summer, I finally had the ambition to take it on. The verticals and supports are 5×5 tamarack. The top is made up of 3"x 6"x 16' hemlock and is topped of with 1.5" square hemlock. All of the wood was...
  2. Anejo Humidor

    Curly Maple, Bubgina edging and key splines The bottom key spline is deliberately unevenly spaced from the other two to give the case a feeling of vertical action and a somewhat lighter feel. The name "Anejo Humidor" denotes that this particular humidor (one of several I have made, including a...
  3. Tamarack Wine Rack

    This is a wine rack I made for a friend. It is made out of old tamarack that I scavenged from a very old house. I very much doubt that there will ever be any wine on this rack that will be older than the wood. Collectively the rack holds 49 bottles and so there were 98 routed circles; it took...
  4. Peek-A-Boo

    This is a piece of Tamarack, (Larch) that my friend gave me and I made a little bobble for my wife. Its a little mouse peeking out of the hole. The mouse is carved from Maple, then I drilled a hole all the way through the tamarack, and hollowed it out from the back. I then set the carved mouse...
  5. Live Edged Bench Cracks and All

    A neighbor approached me about making a bench as a wedding present for his nephew. I very reluctantly accepted. The 4" slab is cut from a dead Tamarack also nick named buckskin. The 4"x 4" legs are Grand Fir. He wanted the legs turned but when I mitered the corners to remove some of the...
  6. Tamarack Bar Table

    Tamarack bar table. All tamarack made from a beam I got from another job. All wood joinery with simple tapers on the legs. The most non-curvey table I have made.
  7. Cutting Board - My First

    This is my first cutting board. It is made from maple, walnut and red oak. Dimensions: 19×12 x 1.5 " Finish: Watco BBO&F (thanks for the tip degoose) - three coats so far. It is also my first project using my new planer. It is also the first project i really used my restored Sergeant #4...
  8. Natural edge tamarack end table

    Another end table. This one is made all out of tamarack. Table was given away to a deserving person once again.
  9. A bear on a Post

    This is a Bear I carved on a deck railing post. The wood is Tamarack, in some areas it's called Larch. I have some growing on my property. Check out my Blog for a video slide show.
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    Can anyone help me out with how much 900 board feet of Tamarack would weigh? Also, am I correct in thinking it could be a good wood to be used for a deck? It's decay resistant, but is it strong enough? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have a house built in 1926 and three of the drawers in the kitchen nook are original to the house. I'd like to retrofit them with slides so they pull out easy instead of the clunky one rail system they currently have. Is this doable. Any recommendations on what sorts of slides (there is...
  12. Wood & Lumber
    I am in the Edmonton area, Does anyone know of any sawmills in Alberta (I don't mind driving a few hours) where a person can by wood in smaller quantities? I am particularly interested in finding a source for Tamarack
  13. Designing Woodworking Projects
    What do you think about using Tamarack for my up coming workbench legs? I've got a source for free ten foot dried logs. Are the qualities of this species durable enough for this purpose? The good, the bad, the ugly? Thanks for reading
1-13 of 13 Results