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  1. Bucket ball

    This is a bucket ball net. I made it out of lumber that I had laying around in the yard. The main post is a 4×4 post from a fence that I removed from the front patio of my house when we moved in. The frame to hold the bucket in place was made from some 2×2s that used to be part of the railing...
  2. TV cabinet and book/cabinet with a common back

    This was the most difficult project to date. It involved building two cabinets that share a common back thru a doorway that was not used. The TV cabinet was a 30/60/90 triangle cabinet due to the design of the room and the best viewing angle for the TV. My wife, the designer, doesn't want to...
  3. John Deere Tractor

    Finally finished my Tractor Model. You saw a similar version posted by LJ's Dutchy last week (he works faster than I do) :). The body is Cherry and the Rear Wheels are Walnut. The design is by Toys & Joys, Inc. It was a fun project. Thanks for looking.
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Dear turing aficionados, My lathe is a Craftsman that will turn 16". It has a head that will swivel off to the side for bigger blocks. Would you get a Oneway Stronghold or a Talon? I expect to have to add more jaws to any chuck.
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a Oneway talon chuck on my delta midi-lathe. bought it used. It didn't come with a chuck key. None of the retail woodworking stores sell replacements. You have to go through the factory and they want almost $40!! for a dang chuck key!! Anyone ever lost one and found a Jacobs brand...
  6. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Good evening fellow Lumberjocks! Jeff, aka "Triumph1", here. I need a little help from the Facebook users out there. I have entered a contest on The WoodWorking Shows Facebook page. The basis behind it is you enter your project and whoever has the most "Likes" and/or comments on the picture...
1-6 of 6 Results