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  1. MiniTag Mania

    These are Cocobolo, Paduak and Purpleheart, respectively. They measure approximately 7/16" high, 1/4" thick and 2 - 2 3/4" long.
  2. Key Chain Name Tags

    Made these on the scrollsaw from cherry, purpleheart, and wenge. Good use of exotic scraps and offcuts. Inspired by Scott's work
  3. MiniTags

    These are a smaller version of my standard keychain. They measure approximately 7/16×1/4" and are as long as each name works out, usually 1.5 - 2.5". The ones pictured here, in order are Cumaru, Zebrawood, Red Oak, Madrone, Walnut and Mesquite. They are used for key tags, zipper pulls, dog...
  4. Keychains for Lovers

    Two names are carved in one of the 19+ fine woods I stock, Minitag style, and then pressure bonded atop each other. The woods pictured are (in order) Cocobolo, Cumaru, Maple and Red Oak. Other woods to follow. The ♥ is carved adjacent to the name that I feel will balance the piece, and is...
  5. Tag Arbor

    I finally have my arbor in place in my flower ring. I planted silver lace vines on each side and they are already climbing! Dick thanks for the idea and I have had alot of nice comments. Wait til the vines grow and bloom!
  6. Highlights of the Past Couple Weeks

    I have been adding woods to my arsenal. Pic #1 - Madrone Burl ~ Just received today. Smells like cotton candy (to me) when cutting it. Beautiful, cloudlike grain. Pic #2 - Pau Amarello (Yellowheart) with an inlaid Paduak heart. Experimenting… Pic #3 - Purpleheart and Mesquite. The purpleheart...
  7. New Items from My Shop

    First 3 Pics; In answer to our ever rising shortage of horizontal space on our desks. Diminutive in size but readable at 10+ feet. The red oak letters are .625" square with a 45 degree chamfer on the back edge to tilt them up for readability. They sit on a .75×1.0" base with a .25×3.5" mortise...
  8. This Week's Fobs and Desk Holders

    1st - Cherry 2nd - Wenge, Pau Amarello, Bloodwood 3rd - Narra 4th - Cumaru w/ Paduak hearts 5th - Cocobolo 6th - Cherry card holders
  9. Some Recent Requests

    Here are a few of the items I have done lately for new friends near and far. Pic 1 - Cuban Mahogany Pic 2 - Maple on Purpleheart Pic 3 - Zebrawood and Walnut cross pendant Pic 4 - Rosewood Pic 5 - Walnut Pic 6 - Cherry I do a lot of these and won't bore you with an everyday accounting. This...
  10. Love Keychains and More

    The first two are in cocobolo. The letters are approximately 3/8" tall. The third is the same size in cherry and the last is my standard 5/8' Cherry. Thanks for looking!
  11. Tanglewood Bridge

    A friend of mine smoked fish, he experimented with a lot of different species of wood, & was never satisfied. One day he questioned this older fellow who settled in this country from Finland, what kind of wood he used for smoking fish. He told him the wood he preferred was Tag Alder. He then...
  12. Log flower Basket

    I built this for the cemetery . More of my beautiful Tag Alder.
  13. New Pieces 8/13/13

    In order; 1st - Cocobolo Love Keychain 2nd - Cherry Love Keychain 3rd - Zebrawood MiniTags 4th - Oak Desk Name / Card Holder and Cocobolo Love Keychains 5th - Paduak Name Keychains 6th - Cherry Desk Name with inlaid Paduak heart. They are all free-hand cut on a bandsaw with a 8th inch blade or...
  14. Pau Amarello (Yellowheart) from PapaDan

    Here are some samples of the items I made from the wood that PapaDan sent me, as a result of my Forum proposition . Thank you, Dan. This Pau Amarello is some dense stuff. It finishes beautifully and is lustrous in its golden reflection of light. I tried to...
  15. Keychains in Brazilian Cherry, Cherry and White Oak

    I just receive these woods from fellow LumberJock Scott Bryan as a result of my forum topic This is a great deal for me as there are no small hardwood dealers within an hour of me, just the China Outlets. I love checking my mail now. No telling what'll show...
  16. Valentine Keychain Requests

    Pic1 - Wave style in Maple Pic2 - Wave style in Cuban Mahogany and Walnut Pic3 - Love Keychain in Zebrawood Pic4 - Love Keychains in Cuban Mahogany Pic5 - Love Keychains in Bloodwood Pic6 - iHeart Keychains in Birch These are carved freehand on an old 12" Craftsman bandsaw and/or my newly...
  17. Today in the Shop

    In order, the woods are Purpleheart, Cherry, Maple, Mesquite, Brazilian Cherry and Walnut. I use a vintage 12" bandsaw from Sears with an 1/8" blade. They are sanded to 320 and finished with three coats of lacquer. I really enjoy doing these and they enable me to meet people all over the...
  18. Rustic Tamarack Chair

    I made this small chair to fit my Little Sweetie. I did this with my Logman Tenon Maker. It doesn't take to long to do once you have your logs peeled. You may watch a short video here.
  19. Woodworking Skill Share
    i have been using 2 sided tape for lots of items in the shop for a long time i had 3 rolls of the stuff. i ran out last week and have been looking for more all i can find is real thick stuff that will not work for my purposes i was sure i got this stuff at lowe's/home depot but i can not find...
  20. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm trying to replace the old belt on my Ridgid 3650 with a link belt I picked up a HF, but I can't seem to get the thing to stay on. I looked at the Fenner Drives instructions so I know I have it facing the right direction and the length is the same as the factory belt I'm replacing. However...
1-20 of 25 Results