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  1. Arts & Crafts Taboret

    Locally Grown Quilted Cherry
  2. Stickley Style Sculpture Stand

    My friend, Bob Engman, makes sculpture that embody the mathematical notion of minimal surfaces, even though he is not trained in mathematics. His recent work is smaller scale, so I thought I might make a taller and narrower (30" h x 16" w) variant of Gustav Stickley's #603 as a Christmas...
  3. Reproduction Stickley 603 Taboret

    This reproduction of the Gustav Stickley #603 round taboret is based on Robert Lang's plan in Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture. It is made of local black walnut obtained from Spacht Sawmill. The first photo shows the entire table, but the glare on the top doesn't reveal the figure very...
  4. Small taboret table

    Small white oak taboret table made as a wedding gift for my Niece. The mortises for the through tenons were drilled out with a drill press and finished by hand. The boards for the top are doweled together for extra strength. My Niece requested a dark finish, so I used dark walnut danish oil.
  5. Stickley Taboret #603

    A traditional end table would have crowded the area for a neeeded table. Being a fan of Stickley, I decided this would be a fun build. pintodeluxe has a blog on this table where as he and I observed there is a lot of skill building opportunites in this relatively small project.
  6. 2x4 Stickley Side Table

    This is my first real furniture project and while it is definitely not perfect I am mostly happy with it. My joinery is pretty good but I need to work on finishing and sanding. Those are my favourite things to do though so no problem ;). Anyway the table is a reproduction of Stickley's Taboret...
  7. Taboret: Artists cabinet

    After finishing the convertible wall easel I decided a nice and useful matching item would be an artists taboret. A taboret is a small cabinet used to store art tools, paints, and other items. I decided on a size of about 18"x18" and not too high as the top needed to be accessible while standing...
1-7 of 7 Results