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  1. Walnut poker table

    I made this reversible table on commission for a friend's 50th birthday. It's solid walnut with walnut veneer in the center, over the felt insert.
  2. Teardrop trailer fender shelf

    Some friends in Texas bought a trailer like mine and wanted me to make fender shelves for them. They call the camper the silver surfer so I suggested a surf board shape. I also applied the lettering with my Shark CNC. Put the board together from maple with walnut stripes. 24" x 8" Also had...
  3. Stand up Writer's table

    So this is my first piece of furniture. It is also my first LJ project post. I have been a LJ lurker for a year or so. I really enjoy the ideas and talent on display. This desk was designed to be the proper height for my 4'11" wife to stand and write; that is why it looks a bit short. The base...
  4. Mesquite Window table

    Thought I would try something different (really different). I was given a slab of mesquite by a friend and I thought it would make a great rustic or western style window display table. The pictures show the results. The top is inlayed with turquoise in some of the bigger holes and cracks...
  5. Custom Poker Table

    Custom Poker Table
  6. Maple slab table

    This is the last of the single slab tables i made from a local tree. The tree was pretty far gone but i got 4 usable tops out of it. As you can see, there was some hardware in the tree which accounts for the black streaks. Voids were filled with soapstone and epoxy. The table is 7' long x 52" on...
  7. QSWO Mission Style Media Cabinet - M&T

    Finally finished this beast. This is my biggest project yet. When I started it 4 months ago, I had a lot of questions. I came to the forum for help, and I appreciate all of the advise I got from you guys. There are nearly 80 mortise and tenons on this piece. To start this project, I picked...
  8. Hope Chest / Bookcase / Media Rack

    So - I wanted to make a few more projects before I tackle my moms buffet table. I designed my room keeping in mind that my room is very small I needed more storage… so to optimize what I do I have I am building a few pieces… here is the first. I made this with a power drill, hand router, hand...
  9. Oval poker table

    New to the site and wanted to share my latest table. I build a couple of these a year for people in the D/FW area. Enjoy. Legs are from Rockler and everything is handcut with a jigsaw.
  10. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen island built from construction lumber. 4.5" square legs built up from planed, glued up 2X6's. Top built from planed, glued up 2×4's. Shelves supported by M&T and rabbeted 2×4's to accept 3/4" birch ply. Latex gloss interior enamel for color highlight.
  11. Oak Carousel

    This is an oak carousel I made for my wife. The ones you buy in the stores just don't cut it. They are not tall enough to put our table top spices under and if you put them on top they tip and spin off. This is made out of 3/4" solid oak. I used a Cabot dark mohogany stain for the napkin...
  12. My take on an Eames walnut stool

    Well, it's not actual walnut, just poplar stained to look like it. My church had a partition in the narthex of the building that was taken down to open the hallway up, and the lumber was given to me. I sat on it for a couple of years before deciding what to use it for, make the stool with it...
  13. Paper Towel and Bag Holder

    I made this paper towel and shopping bag holder because the bags are usually stuffed somewhere and the are never handy. (At least in my house anyway.) This piece is 16" tall to the peak of the roof. It is 5 1/2" wide and 10" long. I made it out of 1/2" poplar. The dowel is 1" round with a...
  14. Art Deco Occasional Table

    Maple and Wenge occasional table. 15" deep x 28" wide x 28" high. Joinery is with the Festool Domino and the finish is General Finishes Arm-R-Seal and Seal-A-Cell. Polished and buffed with Renaissance Wax. Thanks for looking and feel free to let me know if you have any questions or criticisms.
  15. Koa coffee table

    This is a figured koa coffee table that I made 35 year ago while stationed in Hawaii. I worked at the submarine base's wood hobby shop and had access to koa. I couldn't afford to buy the wood in this table today. It runs around $150 per board foot. But it's still my favorite wood species!
  16. Dining table and chairs

    my son-in -law and I built this set for my daughter.Took us 6 months,my shop at the time was 12 by 20,not much room for tools and building something this big.We really learned alot,made some mistakes but worked out all of our problems.I was able to buy somme new tools and momma didn't complain...
  17. wall table

    this is a wall table I made a few years back,the legs trim and stretcher is cherry, the top is mesquite I cut out of a log about 6" in diameter and 4-1/2' long,it was just enough to make this top.tho plugs are also mesquite.table is 48"long 13" wide and 33" tall.finish is poly oil maloof blend.
  18. Ball and Claw Coffee Table

    This is a table I made a few years ago out of walnut. I used mortise and tenon joinery, and a simple poly finish.
  19. Coffe Table made of cedar

    You still can see some lefts of bee-wax. One week later, under the midday sun I could remove the remaining wax. Best regards Gerardo
  20. Family room table with secret laptop storage

    Oak table with drawers. Due to where table would be positioned in the room there was access to the rear,so, I created a space for a laptop. Top is mitered with biscuits with tile inlay.
481-500 of 500 Results