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  1. Projects Embroidery frame (large)

    One of our friends is really into embroidery. She has taken classes all over the place, gotten certifications from international guilds, and all that fancy stuff. For larger-scale projects, she has acquired a couple of oak embroidery frames. These are great, but it turns out they are not big...
  2. Projects Farmhouse Table

    The wife expressed interest in acquiring a new kitchen table. I've wanted to build one for a while, but didn't really have an excuse to do so. Just finished this and she hasn't seen it yet, so I dunno if we'll keep it or if I will end up trying to sell it for enough to get my cost of materials...
  3. Projects Contemporary Side Table

    Contemporary Side Table - European Beech & Cherry Overview This Side Table is for a specific location, which defines its overall dimensions (15” x 36” x 31”) - a bit smaller than the area for most. Top The Top is European Beech ¾” thick, framed with a ½” Cherry border, and radiused at a 120”...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey all. I've got a Craftsman 113.298 that I picked up for free off craigslist recently (really lucky find). Couldn't really give it a once over when picking it up since it was out on the curb and I wanted to snag it before wasting a trip a few towns over. Got it home and it's got a bit of rust...
  5. Projects In Progress
    Deck side table from an old oak whiskey barrel. The oak barrel top is connected to the stave legs via a pine "subframe" that is hidden by one of the barrel hoops.
  6. Projects small kitchen table

    daughter wanted a small kitchen table for her apartment, just big enough for two at 30" x 36". built this using red oak for the top and poplar for the base. legs are attached using floating tenons, top is attached with z-clips. i ended up making small corner blocks and screwing them to the...
  7. Projects An Unconventional Workbench/Outfeed Table

    I finally got around to replacing the embarrassing, saggy outfeed table that I'd assembled in a rush from construction-grade plywood when I first built my shop. This is still a fairly humble bench in comparison to some of the works of art that others post on this platform, but it will serve me...
  8. Marketplace Classifieds
    39 x 54 inch walnut and epoxy table. Steel legs. Beautiful figure in wood.
    $2,500 USD
  9. Projects Epoxy walnut table

    First attempt at an epoxy table. Walnut came from my front yard. I milled it myself. Wood has been drying for about 5 years waiting for a project.
  10. Lamp table

    Small lamp table made from red oak finished using Amber shellac Top is 10"x24" height 23"
  11. Eucalyptus Burl Razors

    Knocked out a few eucalyptus burl Mach III razors this weekend. Plenty of mini-strokes along the way working with all of the voids and internal bark. Ended up turning down to near finished shapes and then filling all voids with 5 minute epoxy, then turning (light scraping with spindle gouge)...
  12. End Grain Top, A true labor of love

    I have had the opportunity to build several, end grain, butcher block cutting boards when a close friend asked if i could make a counter top for a kitchen island. The process is the same, but it is considerably more work to build a larger top…especially in a small shop like mine. I was...
  13. Redwood Patio Table

    Built this in August of last year when my mother-in-law asked that she get a table for her front porch for coffee - same as the purpose of the tapered leg table (also in the Project area) that she saw, used and liked! Found a similar product picture on-line that set the basic design, and then...
  14. Reclaimed pine table

    This is a housewarming gift for my brother and sister in law. They purchased an almost 150 year old house so I thought this would fit for them. The wood came from an old house I helped tear down and from an old airport hanger being dismantled close by where I live. The wood was old growth...
  15. table

    table oak with intarsia made of walnaut 80×220x75cm
  16. Walnut cube wood accent Stool / Table ~ Hourglass style

    Walnut cube wood accent Stool / Table ~ Hourglass style 12X12X18 Cutting the piece in this way exposes more of the colorful heartwood & lightens the piece for reasonable shipping. More pics at & in my ebay store...
  17. Cotton Mill Bench and how I attached the table top to table base

    Noticed someone had commented again wondering how I attached the Cotton Mill table top to the base since there is no metal in the table. I drilled 1.75 holes through the top wings of the base, then placed the base on the table to mark where those holes were on the table top. Drilled 1.5"...
  18. Special table and chairs

    For this project I had to take into account many safety things that is safe for old people with bad motility and the space is quite limited. Made from ash and oiled
  19. Figured Bloodwood and Curly Maple table.

    This side table was designed totaly from scratch by me and my wife for the art gallery it will be going in. The top is a piece of bloodwood I stumbled upon at a local lumber yard and honestly didnt know what I was going to do with. At one point It almost got turned into book ends for a customer...
  20. Writing Desk for Daughter

    My first attempt at tapered legs. The taper is a little off on two legs but I learned from it ! Oak plywood, select Pine, pocket hole joinery.
1-20 of 500 Results