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  1. Miter Gauge Upgrade, Now With 200% More Aluminum!

    I just finished making some improvements to my Unisaw's miter gauge. I added a 1"x2" aluminum extrusion to give me a longer reference surface and added a flip stop to ride in the top t-slot out of some aluminum plate and scraps of maple. I got the idea after watching on of Allan Little's (the...
  2. Dog Bone Knobs

    Seems like I can never find a jig knob when I need one. I'm always robbing from one jig to use on another. I've seen others making their own knobs but most just seem too complicated to bother with. Today I was browsing Jay Bates website and watched his "Trash to Treasures" video. He described...
  3. I needed a new marking gauge

    I've been learning/developing my technique of how to hand-cut dovetails. As I refined my tools I decided I'd like "A" smaller marking gauge, some inspiration from David Barron on YouTube. Using materials already in the shop, I used a piece of walnut about 6" X 6"that was squared and planed for...
  4. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hi Everyone I am just wondering if anyone has used the t-nut with carriage bolts to adjust a workbench so as that it is level.. I have 4 levelers from another bench that I tore down but I need 4 more and I saw this being done on YouTube I'm just afraid that the head of the carriage bolt would...
1-4 of 4 Results