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  1. Rockford Box in Dovetailed Sapele with Swiss Pear top.

    This box is titled Rockford for Rockford, Illinois and is made from dovetailed Sapele with an inlaid Swiss Pear top. A fitted leather lining and brass hinges complete the box. Size: 6' deep x 8" wide x 4" high
  2. Eola Box of Cherry, Swiss Pear and Ebony

    This box is titled Eola, for Eola, Illinois and is of Cherry with a fitted Swiss Pear top. The top is inlaid with Holly and Gaboon Ebony with a matching inlay inside the lid. Size: 4" deep, 5" wide, 2 1/2" tall
  3. Hanging Nonesuch Cabinet

    This little cabinet is, like the splay legged table, a great canvas to express yourself as a craftsman. The variety of shelf/drawer combinations is nearly endless, as are the decorative inlay possibilities. It is made from air dired quartersawn white pine, bog spruce, spanish cedar, cherry...
  4. Rotating Game Board - A Simple but Unique Solid Wood Chess and Backgammon Table

    OK - this piece has been going on for a while and has appeared in various states in my gaming blog series. Finally - HERE is the completed piece! One solid American black walnut original design gaming table by Artisans of the Valley (Eric M. Saperstein & Michael Pietras) custom built for our...
  5. Blogs
    Wood Library - Swiss pear Swiss Pear - Pyrus communis This is another wood loved by model makers. It's grain is straight to sometimes wavy. The wood has been steamed to produce an even pink color with little to no figure. The wood is remarkable for its extraordinary smoothness and evenness of...
1-5 of 5 Results