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  1. Red Wood Porch Swing

    Greetings & Salutations, I built this swing a couple of years ago for the front porch and had some success selling a few. I have 5 coats of spa polyurethane for protection and it has held up quite well. I let it stay out the first year but did take it in this winter. I have built this style...
  2. Walnut porch swing

    This swing is made from locally harvested black walnut that I milled and planed myself. It is 6ft long. I made it for my friend and his wife's 30th wedding anniversary. I still have a couple of little things to do to it like adding hardware and one more coat of clear finish on it, then we will...
  3. Yes I did build that, Go play kids!

    It is fair to say that the scale got a bit out of hand. Funny how things looks small on the ground. What is another 2 feet here and there…? 12' wobble bridge form the grass to the main fort 600 square feet of playground 2 rock walls out of view, one for each platform Tire swing is the biggest...
  4. painted toddler swings

    finally tweeked the swing to a pattern I like. The chains were to expensive so I changed to rope. Going to make some of these to sell (maybe).
  5. 2x4 Porch/Tree Swing (May 2013)

    This was a very fun build. 8 8' 2×4s. 4 eye bolts. About $40. Angled half laps and no visible screws give this a nice clean, contemporary look. The full plan as well as a downloadable version is available for free here. Here is the design video in SketchUp and the build video after that. Have a...
  6. porch swing

    I made this swing for a friend. Its made of pine. I ripped the boards to size and glued and screwed it together. For the arom rests I used deck boards I planed down a bit for a beefier look.
  7. Heavy Duty

    This new swing has a 1000 lb load limit, made from approx. 200 board feet of red cedar per set its the biggest heaviest thing I build. Stand is made from 4×6 cedar and top is 3×8 beam. Swing has a flat back with notched pickets and seat is scooped. The swings front brace is a solid 3×8 also...
  8. Porch Swing

    My wife saw a picture of a porch swing and said the usual, "Can you make that?" Width is 32" so a pillow set can be placed on the swing for added comfort. Made out of pine. Arm supports are doubled 3/4 pine. Back/bottom supports are made out of 2×4s half lapped at the joints. Made a jig for...
  9. My first Mallet

    I had been wanting a decent mallet for a while. I tried the mallet's @ woodcraft and found them to be far to light for me. These mallet's were constructed as follows: Head: Glue-lam block of 4/4 Hard Maple & 3/8 Rosewood that I re-sawed from 3/4 stock. It is 5" long x 4" high x 3" thick. The...
  10. Oak pallet porch swing

    This was a pallet that came in at work that was beautiful rough cut oak 5/4, i jointed, planed and sanded it down into this beauty that is on our front porch, I made a custom mix of minwax stain and danish oil topped with satin polyurethane , never know what you find on a pallet!
  11. Swing With Arched Arbor

    I made this swing and arbor for my sister.
  12. Pine Swing

    This swing is made from many dimensions of yellow pine. Its very sturdy and moderately comfortable. It sits two men comfortably.
  13. Garden Swing

    My wife wanted a swing but as it turns out I use it more than she does.
  14. Workbench - mishmash of types.

    Mahogany base with plywood bottom shelf. Ash top edged with purpleheart (because of it's hardness). Veritas twin-screw vise and shoulder vise. Hand cut all of the mortises and tenons. Resorted to a power drill for the bench holes. Realized once I was done that I'd gotten carried away with the...
  15. Cypress Swing

    Just another cypress project [at least to me] All, cypress. 5/4 framing and arms with 1×2 pieces for the seating area itself. I have been making these in 4'and 5' lengths for a few months now and can cut and build this in about 3.5-4 hours start to finish. I have also designed this to fold down...
  16. Cedar Porch Swing

    The untreated pine porch swing that I made 8 years ago had finally deteriorated to the point that it could no longer support people. I decided to replace it with one made of Eastern Red Cedar with some improvements. I copied the seat and back curves from my original swing as they were very...
  17. Porch Swing - 1st real woodworking project

    My 1st real woodworking project. Mom asked for a new porch swing to replace the old one at camp. I figured it would make a nice Christmas present. After looking at a bunch of designs, I went with this one I found on Instructables. A nice write-up with templates, and CUPHOLDERS! I made...
  18. Carved Swing doors

    I am just begining to work with doors. This set of swing doors my husband made for me so I can carve on them. They are now set up at a bar. Krum The Carvers Corner Cathy Krumrei Grand Rapids, Minnesota
  19. Sweetheart Swing !

    I had some leftover boards after building a deck, so I built this swing. We spend a lot of time relaxing, & enjoying the view from our little peninsula. .
61-80 of 135 Results