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  1. King and Queen Swing

    Here's a 6' swing built for a neighbor. 100% Alabama Red Cedar, all screw holes plugged with cedar plugs, 4 coats Minwax spar urethene sprayed, cupholders in armrest and wide-rounded top board. thanks for looking,
  2. Cast Iron And Cypress Swings

    A lady came to me one day and brought the cast iron shelf support and asked me to build her a swing to high light it, and this was the out come. Then I saw a cast iron backed bench and took it one step further and made a four foot swing with a cast iron back, it came out pretty good. I stained...
  3. Daniel's Swing

    This was a fun weekend project with Daniel. I documented it here in my first blog. I broke down and got a photobucket account to post blogs- just don't make me get facebook!
  4. Garden Swing 2

    My second attempt at building a swing. Made this one for a family member.
  5. Cypress Arbor and Swing

    This was a gift for my parents this past Christmas. They had one at their lakehouse for the past 10 years and a tornado recently picked it up and threw it into the lake. I wanted to build it exactly like the one they had, so I was able to take an old picture of the original and scale it out so...
  6. Porch swing

    My neighbors down the road threw out a bunch of old 2X6's during a remodel. So, I salvaged them and made this porch swing out of it. Added the duck from a piece of cedar I had to add a little decoration to it. Covered it all with Thompson's Water Seal (not pictured).
  7. Garden swing

    My custom design an build.
  8. Baby's swing

    There was no tree on our 2 acre property that would be acceptable for my infant sons swing. So as a determined mother this is what I came up with after HOURS of grueling research on Google. Once I started, it took about 3 days, and that's in between working as a construction labour, dirty...
  9. Cedar Porch Swing

    Just finished my Lazy Days porch swing. Earlier I posted pictures of my "Grandpa and Grandma" Adirondack chairs and bench. This swing compliments those very nicely. I used Cedar for this project, its my favorite outdoor wood to use. The finish is Penofin Premium transparent ceda. To...
  10. Porch Swing for the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway

    As a father, i could never imagine getting the news that one of my children were ill, especially with something as serious as Cancer. So when i saw our local home developer (Elliot Homes) that does the annual St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway, here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I reached out to see...
  11. Texas star fence wood swing

    6 foot swing I made for the neighbor.
  12. Bench/swing with drop down center console drink holder.

    A swing/bench for my mom and dad with a drop down drink/arm rest with left over fence pickets.
  13. And here is what I do to make money for my wood working toys.

    Sign making is my latest passion. I've done about 18 of them so far and have a couple on the drawing boards. You can see more at my website, then click on "custom carved signs".
  14. Fokker DR-1 Airplane Swing

    My son loves airplanes and he loves swings, so I thought I'd combine them into this airplane swing. No plans, just something I drew up using the Red Baron's Fokker DR-1 as inspiration. Took about 60-70 hours to complete. The propeller spins, the "control stick" is spring-loaded for fun, the...
  15. Swing from reclaimed pallet wood

    My mother in law came up with a good idea. She thougt it would be nice for the kids with a simple swing that could be hanged in one of the many trees on her property. I had just disassembled a pallet from some kind of unidentified deciduous type of wood so one of the biggest planks came in...
  16. Marblewood Carving Set

    I made this carving set for a charity auction for Drew's Crew for Cystic Fibrosis. The Knife is Made in the USA by Dexter-Russell. The handles are Marblewood treated with five coats of Waterlox. Thanks for Looking. For more information on Cystic Fibrosis you can go to...
  17. Sofa Table

    I didn't make this table I just redesigned it. Our neighbor put this table out for the trash man to take. It seemed so cute I brought it home (same way we got the dog). I didn't think to take a "before" photo but picture #2 is pretty close. It originally had two small drawers. The little woman...
  18. SWING

    I finished my first swing last week for a customer. I used pine for the frame and popular for the seat slates. They wanted the seating to be 6 feet. The swing had to have cup holders and the chain could not come through the arms. It was a fun project
  19. Adirondack Chairs & Porch Swing

    I made this furniture from cedar fence board purchased from a big box store. This seemed like a good idea at first, but if I had a mulligan I would pay a bit extra for better stock. I used plans for the chairs and improvised with the ottomans and porch swing. I can't say that I use the...
  20. How I have made a living for the past 20+ yrs

    While these are not new projects ( these pictures are almost 20 years old ), this is how I supported my family for around 20 years. I will update this a little later with the story of how, BUILT TO LAST WOODWORKS, came to be. It might help someone just starting or planing on starting a full time...
41-60 of 135 Results