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  1. Front yard bench swing

    I've built several A frame swings in the past but wanted something a little different but still using 2×4 construction material to keep the cost down. Wife loved it so a hit. No pattern. Just a rough idea in my head so started cutting a screwing pieces together. Again, not the way to do things...
  2. Porch Swing

    I built several porch swings for last christmas to give to family members. I also built one other swing that I ended up selling. I am now building another one to try and sell in my front yard for a little extra money. I made this swing out 2×4 cedar and 1 1/4 thick cedar for the slats. I used...
  3. Little Sisters birthday present made from a pallet (SWING)

    I found this idea off a website, and thought it would make a fun gift for my sisters birthday. Materials used: One wooden pallet, scrap 4×4, paracord, rope, 8ft 2×4 and two 5×3/8 lags. She seems to like it :)
  4. Stickley Mission Style Porch Swing

    Stickley mission style porch swing. The original design I copied had a wicker seat which I didn't care for. Found this variation at a high end shop on the web and liked it much better. Very heavily built of QS white oak. All of the joinery is mortise and tenon, except where the posts are...
  5. Double Patio Glider

    I got this pattern from and was sort of lost when I started building it. I have never used any sort of plans before. I have always just started building from my brain. I have sold 5 of these after I built my first one. Some modifications were made to the plans to make it more...
  6. Patio Gliders

    I built all three of these gliders from a pattern on I just extended dimensions by 2' increments and added support braces. I also made a couple more modifications to the plans to make it safer.
  7. end tables for the swings

    i made the swings for my brother and law , then he wanted some end tables. so here they are . i looked at some that was for sale on the internet ,and changed the top a little bit ,hope they don't mind.of corse there's were not made out of red cedar.
  8. Oak Swing

    I made this swing for my twin grandson's 2nd birthday. These boy's were born 3 months early and and weighed only 2 lbs. They were not expected to live but are doing good now. The swing is made from oak and has pvc spacers. The finish is a mixture of Minwax Helmsman Spar Varnish and teak oil.
  9. cedar swing

    Just finishing an arched swing. I like mixing up the new cedar with older heart cedar to give it a little more character. the back is flat and the seat is curved for a little more comfort. still need to attach the hangers for the chains. the seat is made from post joined on two sides and ripped...
  10. Pergola and swing

    Construction Notes: This 10' x 12' pergola is my own design and came from photos and observations of other pergolas. It is recommended for those with at least intermediate skill level. The construction is straightforward and uses stock lumber dimensions and lengths. The swing plans were...
  11. Office swing

    Had a commission in our own building from a design company. They wanted a 2 person swing. This was my first swing, and interesting fun to build. Thank you for looking!
  12. Fail and recovery - Porch Swing

    Started a "Weekend Project" - a porch swing for my wife. I liken it to the "Killer Rabbit" of Monty Python fame: A seemingly easy task the proves somewhat more problematic than anticipated. Purchased the seat and accoutrements, but needed an "A" frame. The 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th photos are the...
  13. swing and arbor

    Swing and arbor made for neighbor made out of tread wood.
  14. New Red Baron with wing gun flying with my Camel and F16

    I have started selling my plane swings. Next will be a flying Tiger. I wont sell the F16 sice it seems to be the block kids favorite.
  15. Cedar Swings

    Here is a pair of simple cedar swings. Made for an NHL hockey player, these swings were a pretty quick and easy project for me. No plans were used, just some ideas from pictures on the internet. They actually sit very comfortably and will be hung in free standing arbor's on the clients property...
  16. Poping the question!

    My best friend fell in love and approched me about his great plan to ask his girlfrend to marry him. He ask me to help him build a swing carry it 30 miles to thier favorite spot and set it up for him to pop the question, then carry back to her house and set it up there. It was a lot of work but...
  17. Mission Daybed

    My wife graduated from gad school this spring and when I told her to suggest a present she asked for a daybed for the porch in our new house. This was the first big project in my garage shop. The bed is one of my own design, inspired by Limbert's Mission furniture. The wood is red oak...
  18. Red Cedar slab swing with sunflower design

    Another Christmas order turned out really nice. Customer choose to put on the finish herself and save a few dollars. Fine with me, that is one job I am not fond of. The words and sunflower are done with the router.
  19. Rustic ceder log swing

    This is my first rustic swing project. It's made of eastern red aromatic ceder which I harvested and peeled here at home. The larger pieces are small trees and the smaller pieces are branches. I cut the seat and back boards out of a log with my chainsaw. I then planed them somewhat flat with...
  20. Skull Swing With Built in cooler

    This is a five foot cypress swing with a built in 12 can cooler.
21-40 of 135 Results