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  1. Small swing set

    My wife asked me to design and build a small swing set for our grand-daughter. The top piece is 4×4 pressure treated, 72 inches long. The rest is pressure-treated 2×4's. My grand-daughter sure likes her new swing set! For more details, you can see my woodworking web site here. thanks!
  2. Children's Playset

    I designed and built this about three years ago for my three kids. The overall design is a composite of what I found looking through online projects. The majority of the construction is pressure treated lumber but, for the platform, I used composite decking left over from another project...
  3. Spalted LA bowl

    This bowl is turned from spalted liquid amber (sweetgum). I turned this for my pops birthday. I'm still trying to figure out my light tent but the photos are getting better. the spalting is more dramatic in real life, you can't really see it properly in the pics. It's 50mm deep by 140mm wide...
  4. Swing set Kit yes but

    When we moved into our current home we promised the kids we would put something in the corner of the yard for them. This is what was decided on. Yes it was a kit from Sam's C. but I built it all by myself. It took me just over 17 hours to build. At the store they said it took the 2 guy crew...
  5. Freecycled Swingset Double Play

    I was looking to put up a swingset for my daughters, but they are so expensive, especially since I didn't want to have to settle for treated lumber. In the end I found someone who was looking to get rid of an old set that their kids had outgrown. The top beam was rotten so they had taken it down...
  6. Baron Gold Titanium with Arizona Gold Web Turquoise Tru-Stone

    I did this pen about a month ago, and just thought I would share with some folks on here… I don't have the best camera or a photo tent…but I do have some GREAT Birdseye maple I got from Barlow in the background….can't give that guy enough props on the great stuff he sent me. Anyhow, it is...
  7. Marketplace Classifieds
    Where can I look online for building a homemade 4×4 swingset? This swingset has to be sturdy enough for children older than 10yrs. Thanks.
  8. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Need to build a swing set for my daughter and have a couple design questions. I would like to get 3 hanger set (swing, trapeze, swing) and possible a climbing rope on the outside. Needs to be able to support adults, sit in place (going on turf so I can't dig it in, at most I can pin with 12"...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    We moved last October. (I hope to update shop photos soon.) My first outdoor project is re-constructing the kids' swing set we moved in large pieces. The carriage bolts that came with the original kit were badly deteriorated. As I re-build, what is the most appropriate metal-type for AC2...
1-9 of 9 Results