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  1. Mud room Storage Hutch

    My wife requested this project as a Christmas present. Since we have a door in the middle of the room, I decided to build 2 identical hutches with storage areas for all 4 of us. I used 3/4 plywood that was cut to 2'x4' sheets at the store to make transport and further cutting on my table saw...
  2. Pen made from materials in 'Pen Trade #2'

    Hey Lumberjocks, I should be on my way to the airport now but I wanted to share this before I left. Here's a pen that I made with material I got out of the box from Pen Turners' Swap #2. I really enjoyed making this pen; I'll list the materials at the end but see if you can guess from the...

    Our daughter wanted something to dress up her fireplace mantel. She showed me a picture of this and asked if "dad" could make this. No problem and it was easier than I thought.
  4. 9" Dovetail Saw - Dovetail Tool Swap 2015 Submission

    This is the saw that I made for an amazing LumberJock, ToddJB, for the recent Dovetail Tool Swap. The basic materials are African Blackwood, Brass 360 bar stock, and 1095 Spring Steel. I am using a few of his pics because I didn't take many of the completed tool, oopsie! The saw handle is...
  5. Rustic book case

    Yes I drug out my cedar slabs again & look at what we made today. I love working with cedar. This time I left the bark on the back side of the shelf's & left the saw marks on the top sides to give it that saw mill look. Very heavy duty & weighs a ton, but I guarantee they wont bow like them...
  6. Liggy Block Plane

    Weighing in at 1lb 10oz's is the block plane made for the 2015 Hand Plane and Spoke Shave Swap. Its body is Lignum Vita and sloe is Brazilian Cherry. I used the Veritas Norris style adjuster with a 0-1 iron. I like that kit. Great instructions. A good friend gave me some boards and after the...
  7. Floor stand three quilt rack

    One of the first projects I completed when I got back into woodworking. Made of pine. Still not completely finished after five years. I need to glue some darker color wood plugs over the screws on the rails.
  8. Magic Table

    Hi everyone! I just finished this Magic Table project for my Stepson, Bill. (He is the dude in the pictures) He is an amateur magician working his way through college at Drexel University in Philly. The base is 3/4 plywood, the legs are 2X4s ripped to 1 1/2X1 1/2. The top doors are 1/2 birch...
  9. Candle sticks

    Made these last summer for my brother-in-law for his wedding gift. Made with tigerwood (Brazilian cherry?). Finished with tung oil and paste wax. Simple but nice curves; the way I like most things… Cheers, Rob
  10. Walter Stool

    My Great uncle used to make these stools for when he was gardening. He needed a stool that had a flat bottom so it would not sink in the dirt while he was working. These stools have been in my family for years and I recently started to make them for the next generations.
  11. compass rose

    compass rose made of walnut and curly maple inlayed in birds eye maple
  12. Shelf for my wife

    This shelf was an anniversary present for my wife. It is made of redwood, maple and basswood. Originally I built her a much cruder version which is shown on the last photo partially deconstructed. The original was my 1st woodworking project. During a summer job building a new deck with my...
  13. Cradle

    This is actually a project I finished almost a year ago, but I just found the pictures of. It's a cradle made from pine which was a surprise gift for my (then brand-new) nephew. A pretty simple project, but a lot of fun to build. I didn't have any plans for this, I just came up with it as I...
  14. C's Barrel Table

    "C" wanted a table top for an old barrel she had for years. Found that it was an old barrel they delivered nails and chain in. Came up with a Pine top to match for her Colorado mountain rustic cabin-ish house. Pine edge-joined, pine with golden oak gel stain and armor coat General Finishes poly.
  15. Gun Case for Dad

    My Dad's 60th birthday is coming up in January and my Mom got him this Uberti replica of a 1862 Colt pocket revolver. When she showed it to me, I decided it needed a better case than the cardboard box it came in. I got busy right away and this is what I came up with after a couple evenings. It's...
  16. 2013 Hand Plane Swap

    This was my submission for the 2013 Plane Swap. It is a 10" smoother made from Jatoba with a Cocobolo sole constructed in a Krenov style. The iron is from NiceAsh and is set at 50 degrees. Other than resawing the first glue up, the plane was made mostly by hand. All the shaping was done with...
  17. 2014 Christmas Ornament Swap

    For the Christmas Ornament Swap I made a dovetail saw in action. Copy of a Lie-Nielsen saw it has a cherry handle, brass back and brass rod rivets. The saw plate if from a old flush trim saw. The ornament was packed with shavings. The ornament went to "DaddyZ" I wish all my Lumber Jock...
  18. Curly Maple Carvers Mallet (Mallet Swap 2014)

    While I originally thought I would make a heavier joiners mallet for the swap, I had this piece of curly maple just begging to be shown off. I did my best to let nature do its thing and flaunt it. Added some elegant curves to the handle to up her appeal and desire to be touched. This one went...
  19. Bird's Eye Maple and Walnut Mallet

    Made this mallet for jeff82780. The head is birds-eye maple and the handle is walnut. There's also a walnut strip going through the center of the head. It's a bit light-weight rather than a large mallet like others have posted.
  20. Mallet Swap 2014 - Mallet for Slyy

    I made 2 mallets, smaller one has a head made from Ash, and a handle made from Cherry with Wenge wedges. The larger mallet has a Red Oak head, and Walnut handle. The finish is a couple coats of Danish Oil on both And here's the mallet in it's new home
41-60 of 137 Results