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  1. Swamp kauri ring

    Swamp kauri ring. I do love making the fatties :) I'm always surprised by how soft swamp kauri is. I generally only work with it when I get gifted small off-cuts. Always a joy to see the unique patterns.
  2. Swamp kauri pendant

    You never know what swamp kauri will look like once finished. This wood is a very dark, chocolate brown unworked, but one finished it takes on a beautiful shine in the sun. The polish is a beeswax/boiled linseed mix I make myself.
  3. My First Kauri Box

    Most of my earlier days were spent designing, building and flying model aircraft and about 6 months ago I finally ditched the planes and turned, what I call, "my skills" to real woodwork. This decision was brought on by a holiday to New Zealand and visiting the Kauri Museum. Although since then...
  4. Blogs
    Swamp kauri? Totara? I recently got this block of wood along with some others in a banana box from a mate. It could be swamp kauri, but I'm not 100% sure. Could be totara. Smells sweet and sandalwoody, and has a decent weight to it. The sanded ring in the image went through a 120, 150, 180...
1-4 of 4 Results