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  1. Bluetooth Speakers

    It's gift-building season and I got these done for my sons just in time. My original plan was to use a wireless speaker kit sold by one of the big woodworking supply houses. It would have been a simple project; the kit has a single speaker and a control panel, all pre-wired. Unfortunately, the...
  2. Curly Bubinga Bass Guitar

    Being both a woodworker as well as a musician I had often dreamed of combining those two hobbies so I finally did on this build. I had a chance to pick up some Curly Waterfall Bubinga and thought it would make an awesome guitar. I used a pre-made neck from Carvin guitars (I also purchased the...
  3. Live-edge Swamp Ash slab end table

    Over the holidays, I wanted to make an end table to match our slab walnut coffee table. My company makes "Swamp Ash electric guitar body blanks and we keep the cut-offs so I went through a pallet to find a slab that had the rough dimensions of the table we wanted, 2" x 20" x 30". We sent the...
  4. Blogs
    Grading 8/4 Swamp Ash Wood in the warehouse Below is a video I made a few weeks ago that shows the grading process we go through when we received 8/4 Swamp Ash. I think this is the last video where you'll see me taking vertical video footage. Finally learned my lesson! View on YouTube
  5. Blogs
    Packaging Ash wood to ship to Guitar Companies Southern White Punky Ash production was so out of sorts for the last 9 months of 2019 that our inventory was hand-to-mouth. We had a lot of back-ordered shipments and some (justifiably) angry customers Finally, we're almost back to normal so we...
  6. Woodturning
    Hi there! I bought the sort of vintage lathe whose photos I attach. It was really cheap and it feels really sturdy. I don´t know what kind of lathe it is, I think it wasn´t made for wood turning. The person who sold it to me didn't know either, it belonged to a grandfather of his wife. It...
1-6 of 6 Results