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  1. Some of my turnings

    The bowls are made from: Cocobolo, Maple, and Cotton Wood. The pens are made from Cotton Wood, Tamboti, Black & White Ebony, and Pink Ivory. The candle holders are made from Yellowheart, and Purpleheart.
  2. Urban Root Cellar

    A friend of mine approached me with this project idea and I thought it sounded great. Check out our video of this build. This project is based on the article / plan at Mother Earth News. I made some changes to the plan to bring down the cost and make it easier to hang on the wall (French...
  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    For so long I've resisted mentioning this, thinking that someone more knowledgeable than myself would bring it up. Since they haven't I think it's about time I did. There are so many beautiful projects posted on LumberJocks, often using exotic woods, ebony for example, yet it's rare to see any...
  4. Blogs
    Process: Sustainable Wooden Jewelry by PrasseinDesignStudio This is a video produced by my multi-talented Etsian colleague Eric Beug. In addition to producing, shooting and editing the video he also composed the score. Check it out! Process is a new Etsy video series that features the intimate...
  5. Blogs
    2 species of branches found in my green waste bin - what are they? I've had quite a weekend here in LA with the free wood gathering. It's laughable to you folks on farms, or out in the deep woods with harvestable lumber all around you, but here, we have to beg for our scraps, or put down hard...
  6. Off Topic Coffee Lounge lots of things to think about re: trees.
1-6 of 6 Results