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  1. Suspended Hollowform

    Black walnut body with sapele legs, lid, and point; I used anodized aluminum rods for the standoffs. This object stands about 12" tall. The body is around 4.5" at the widest point. The finish is gloss lacquer rubbed out with steel wool and then buffed. I'm pretty please with how this hollow...
  2. Street Pendant Sculpture

    Pendant Sculpture suspended over 44th rd. Recycled Hardwoods. Custom steel truss. Long Island City. October 2013. Jay Greene
  3. "Suspended"

    This idea of a top "suspended" on splines (I guess they're splines, but I'm not really sure what to call them) has been bobbing around in my mind for a while. Rather than be gung-ho and make the full scale table, I thought I'd try something small to see what it might look like, and what...
  4. Suspended ceiling of recycled lumber.

    I happened to get a bunch of 2"X 10", some of them where 24' long. These came from an old hotel that was raised. These boards were planed on one side, & rough on the other. I hung onto them for awhile deciding what to use them for, until I got the bright idea of making a suspended grid ceiling...
  5. "Suspended 2" - table

    Having learnt what I could from the ashtray, time to make the table, and here it is. There are some design notes and construction pictures here (warning - you probably aren't going to learn much) Normally, the pictures somewhat flatter my work - not so here - in the pictures the central plank...
  6. "Suspended 3" - Candle Holder

    I'm still working through the "suspended" idea - this occurred to me late one night - it was set to become an ashtray (you can never have too many ashtrays), but decided to make a candle holder instead. I'm not sure where this variant might go, but I figured it was just a few scraps and didn't...
  7. Focus on the Workspace
    I haven't been on in a while because I've been quite busy. I recently purchased my first house and finally have my own garage. Those of you who may have seen some of my photos before might remember the dungeon I used to work in. So now I have my own space, which I filled up quicker than I...
  8. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    hi guys,i have some ?s. i built a post&beam barn 20/30 looking for insulation advice,has concrete slab should i insulate the floor? i will have pellet stove. will insulate walls,ceiling and leave the loft cold for storage.
1-9 of 9 Results