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  1. Hand made semi hollow longboard skateboard

    I make these semi hollow boards, they are hand shaped and built completely from scratch. The boards are designed to feel more like a surfboard than the bendy cruisers that are out there. The designs are all original and double as art and grip, whether barefoot or wearing shoes. hope you like!
  2. Balance board

    Balance board for surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, or fitness and rehab. 3/4 plywood. 13"x32". Dark gel stain with white and pink paint stripes then one coat spar urethane with brush. Surfboard shape. 4" pvc underneath wrapped with duct tape to give slight friction.
  3. More Skateboards! (from 2x4's)

    Been making some skateboards lately! All of these decks are "planks" made from a single 2×4 each. You can see the way they are glued up in the first picture. The hardware (trucks, wheels, bearings) was purchased from Amazon. These longboards are for sidewalk cruising, not bombing down hills...
  4. Balsa & Redwood Chambered Surfboard

    This is my first post on this site. I thought that I would share a project that I finished about eight months ago. This was my first attempt at making a surfboard. I learned a lot about how to build it from a surfboard construction forum ( I posted a complete log of...
  5. Not only functional but a necessity.

    These are some surfboard racks that I made. I needed to organize the quiver a little bit, boards take up a lot of room when not stacked like so. When I was making them I decided to also make a rack to hold my booties, gloves, and wetsuit. They all work wonderfully, they really help with drying...
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I already have a clamp rack. The problem is that it's not big enough to hold all of my clamps. So I was thinking about having a clamp cart, that rolls around anywhere in the shop. Any ideas?
  7. Focus on the Workspace
    I just inherited a really nice delta AP300 dust collector from my uncle. Has anyone ever built a storage shed outside there shop for this thing? My garage is cramped and I have a nice big side yard where I can build a small storage shed. What is the longest 4 inch hose I can attach to it? I have...
1-7 of 7 Results