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  1. Entry Hall Mirror

    The wall inside the apartment door had the electrical panel…yes a terrible spot, why not a closet…anyway I made this mirror with a mail / key holder for the entry way. It is white oak with a simple finish of danish oil. Second picture is the mirror laying on the island prior to delivery. Thanks
  2. Airplane Rocker (Thanks to Herbiej)

    About a year ago fellow LJ Herbiej posted this project and I ask if he would tell me where he got the pattern. He actually made the pattern from an old toy he found and was kind enough to copy it and mail it the copy to me. Being a man of action I got right to work and a year later I finally...
  3. fly tying table and cabinet

    This project is of a fly tying table just completed this month. It took awhile. The key features are of course the legs looking like a fly rod. I custom bent the metal hooks on the side for additional stability. The top cabinet is separate and lifts off the desk. The desk has a river which...
  4. octagon gaming table.

    I built this a while back. Made from 3/4 ply. It is pretty basic but works well for the little its used. The rail was a real pain and didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I'll probably redo the rail this summer. Thanks for looking.
  5. Red Bud Carver's Mallet

    I don't really do any carving but I couldn't resist making one of these. It's pretty beefy at 11" long and right at 16 ounces. I'm sure I'll find lots of uses for it and if not it'll look cool sitting on the workbench.
  6. Collapsible workbench

    Sometimes as woodworkers we tend to save scrapes and bits of information and ides. Well this project I build today came from an article in Popular Mechanic April 1984! I knew I had it somewhere, and I knew I needed to build one for the next on site project I have coming up in September. Sure I...
  7. A Pair of Dovetailed Cherry Boxes

    I made these two boxes during the Christmas building season. I had already finished my shopping, but my kid wanted to make a box for his special lady friend for a Christmas gift. It made sense to me that if I was going to set the shop up to make one box, we should make three for the same...
  8. My first woodworking project - Workbench

    I decided that the first thing I needed to build on my quest to build furniture was a workbench to build it on. So I headed off to the local salvage yard. Picked up a bunch of old timber and away I went. Definitively a big learning project for me. Many firsts in here ( joints, etc) but was fun...
  9. Portable Workbench and Planing Board

    I have started woodworking and was looking for portable, easy to make workbench with vise. Dimension of workbench is 80cm x 21cm x 7cm. It is made of spruce. It uses clamps instead of vise. As most of the time, it is used on kitchen table, carpet is glued at bottom of workbench.
  10. Rolling Printer Stand/File Cabinet

    This is my printer stand that I just completed. Its made of birch ply with iron-on edge banding which, incidentally, didn't take the stain so well and looks pretty sad. I made a lot of mistakes on this one, but I learned a lot as well, so I'll chalk it up as a victory.
  11. Wood & Lumber
    I am looking for a reliable Eastern Red Cedar source in South Eastern Minnesota (Rochester area). My father, who is 80 years old, makes cedar crosses day in day out, and gives them away by the hundreds to churches around the area, and anyone who he meets. I was buying lumber here in SC...
  12. Wood & Lumber
    Small time hobbyist here and looking for a local hardwood source aside from the big box stores or online. Basics like oak, cherry, maple, etc would be a good start but am also interested in some variety. Thanks in advance.
  13. Wood & Lumber
    Does anyone have a good resource for a supplier of Sumac either in the southern MD/VA area or who does mail order? There's an intarsia project I'd love to do with some sumac specifically because of its black light colors, but finding it online has left me feeling like I'm chasing unicorns. lol...
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories - United States Plastic Corp Got their (huge 350 page!) catalog a lil while ago, and been browsing the site, they have a massive selection of pretty much anything that is remotely plastic related, as well as a lot of commercial/industrial products, including an awesome...
  15. Wood & Lumber
    I've been sourcing some material within Calgary at the 4 or 5 common suppliers and am having a hard time spending that amount of $ for raw material that is less than ideal (lots of waste). Typically paying $15-$45 per bd/ft for mediocre shorts of maple, walnut, lacewood, bubinga, cherry, purple...
  16. Wood & Lumber
    Hi All, Long Story (see Question in next section if not interested :-) -------- I hope to someday be a fine woodworker, but at the moment life has gotten in the way. Our closetmaid wire shelving is detaching from the drywall necessitating we redo the closet. My plan is to install laminated...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    OK, so I got the sprayer, next I'd like to get some waterborne finish - probably GF in a pint size to run some tests. All manuals suggest to strain the finish into the cup, but I cannot find any mesh strainers anywhere, looked at LV, Rockler, and Woodcraft and Amazon. Where do you guys get you...
  18. Wood & Lumber
    Couldn't resist posting here. Thought we could have a thread with local suppliers of lumber. here in Boston area there is : Stoughton, MA Rowly, MA Lunenburg, MA
  19. Wood & Lumber
    I'm looking for suppliers of lumber near the Janesville, WI area. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
1-20 of 33 Results