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  1. Starburst mirror

    Starburst made from our old cedar fence boards. Each "ray" comes to a point at the back of the mirror. Finished with a steel wool and vinegar stain followed by satin lacquer. I should have taken more process photos!
  2. Hemlock Sunburst Electric Guitar

    HEMLOCK SUNBURST This Strat style guitar body was constructed using reclaimed solid hemlock with a two-tone sunburst finish.
  3. My "First Project"

    I'm starting to find my way around this awsome website, enjoying the great projects and comments posted by the contributors. In particular "first projects" touch a place in my heart. I remember the sense of accomplishment as this little keepsake urn came alive in my hands, turning some scrap...
  4. Carving Tool Box - pt1

    If you take a class from Mary May (wood carver), or join Mary May's online carving school, one of many things you will learn is to love your tools. ("You can never have enough") As my collection of quality tools has grown, wanted a way to store and transport them safely. Still wanted to be...
  5. Sunburst Sample

    I wanted to pitch a design to a client for their project, and what better way than to build them a sample? The "wedges" are each two pieces cut at nine degrees with a taper jig and glued together to form an 18 degree wedge. The edges of the wedges (hey, I'm Longfellow) are rounded over 1/8" as...
  6. Fun with veneers

    I had fun with this piece. I used african mahogany for the solid pieces. I added holly stringing and inlayed some mahogany burl in each leg. Lower shelf is made of two pieces book matched mahogany with inlay. I enjoyed making the sunburst inlays and lower shelf inlay. It was my first experience...
  7. Sunset

    This is the most "fluid" project I have made to date. My thoughts were a warm sunset using natural colors of the wood. The individual pieces were cut so that the grain of the wood would enhance the motion of the sunbeams in an outward direction. The pieces were contoured intarsia style to give...
  8. Wood & Lumber
    I'm currently making a coffered ceiling for my covered patio deck. It's all made from QSWO boards and veneer panels. My wife wants to keep the color as light as possible. I'm looking for information on a finish for the wood. The wood is protected from any direct sunlight and all but blown rain...
  9. Marketplace Classifieds
    I'm looking to buy a Grr Ripper. I'll pay shipping and handling to Arizona, zip 85335 if necessary. If you have one (or two) and are not using it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands - let me know how much and what (if any) add-ons you have for it. Thanks!! Chad
  10. Wood & Lumber
    I recently picked up some 2×8s that were reclaimed from old housing, specifically from a house in SE Michigan built about 100 years ago. It was super grimy and the original plan was to use for a construction project, but after I started cleaning it up I found it's a hardwood. I sanded a few...
1-10 of 10 Results