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  1. wooden shipping box recycled

    This piece was made of a wooden box recycled. the box brought in a machine from Europe, I decided to remove all nails from it and turned into this piece for my daughters. it took 1 coat of water base fluorescent yellow stain, a couple of Danish oil and beeswax mixture coats, burned with a heat...
  2. Stepstool

    My stepstool was made out of cherry in the shop class. The finish that I used on it was tung oil.
  3. Precision Rule Sheath

    I wanted more protection for my rules than the paper envelopes they came with. I had some scrap mahogany strips from ripping some table legs. I ripped the maple strips from some 1/8th stock bought at Rockler. The "tenon caps" were done with the table saw and auxiliary fence. I got lucky with a...
  4. Church Suggestion Box

    This was a quick project I built this week, commissioned by my grandparents for their small church. It's made from 1/2"x6 Oak, and the cross is made from Black Walnut. The lock and hinges are stock from Lowe's, and the sign holder is a modified (cut-off) brass index/door card holder I found at...
  5. Router Table circle/ring cutting jig (simple and quick)

    A neighbor stopped over and asked me to cut some rings in some 1/2" thick clear acrylic blanks. The inside edge of the rings will be lined with strip LED lights and then inserted behind the speakers on his boat. Accuracy was paramount as he wanted the outer edge of the rings to be flush with...
  6. Cutting board

    I made this for my wife for Mother's Day. My stepson burned in the words. I used walnut for the handles and wormy maple for the board. I used 2 coats of mineral oil for the finish, and followed that with two more coats of a mineral oil/beeswax finish.
  7. walnut slab bench

    6'7" long walnut slab bench. the slab leg is tapered in thickness and on the opposite end are two turned legs which are mortised into the top. finish is a mix of blo, turp, and spar varnish.
  8. Torn

    amber bamboo remnants glued up into a block. 3 sides of outside shape is cut out on the bandsaw. Torn flap is carved using a proxxon I borrowed from my boss. The interior is bored with a forstner bit then carved out with a proxxon, die grinder, and chisels. Stained then coated with lacquer...
  9. Washer Board Game

    Not one of my best works by far, but it was a quick and easy project that only took about 30min to accomplish. Pretty fun game if you've never played before. My next game project will be some corn hole boards!
  10. Firewood Rack out of Scrap

    I made this rack out of leftover maple and walnut from a previous project as well as some leftover 1/2" square rod. I put the bottom of the rack about 2 or 3 inches up from the bottom so that i can vacuum under the wood or remove an water from melting ice. The finish is just a natural minwax...
  11. Pam's final mantel

    This was a mantel constructed of cherry hardwood and cherry veneer 3/4" plywood…finished natural 4coats lacquer. I incorporated a Bose surround sound speaker system and mounted a 60" flat screen on a swing arm hanger…
  12. stationary box

    One of my clients came up with the drawings of this stationary box and ask me to make up a sample for her as part of her marketing for the new year. with a some minor changes we came up with this box made in Kiaat and finished in Danish oil.
  13. Site Help and Suggestions
    just an idea - I think it would be a good feature to implement to show images when searching through projects. example: I just searched for coffee tables as I'm trying to come up with a design that will work for me. I wanted to see what's out there, so I searched "coffee tables" in the search...
  14. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hi Martin, Another thought for "All LumberJocks" page. There are lists by "most recent", "most active", and "online now" how about: "distance from my location" and/or "Online and on my buddies list"
  15. Site Help and Suggestions
    I mentioned this in a few places (I think). I would like another page on "my home" page where I (we) can keep a list of projects that I want to do in the near future. Almost like a honey-do list :) Encompassed (and added) to this functionality would be a button on the other Jock's projects...
  16. Site Help and Suggestions
    First, nice job with LJ. I'm definitely envious. Got any part-time paying positions on staff? <lol> Actually, this would be an enhancement to the standard formatting commands that are available. Currently, you have ! src(alt)!: href In order to make things like Blog posts more...
  17. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi! I'm somewhat new to relief carving and have been stricken with inspiration to attempt a project! I'd really love to get some opinions and suggestions as to best practices and tips, special techniques I should look into and so on. The inner dimensions will be 24in x 36in and I'm open to how...
  18. Site Help and Suggestions
    The way the pulse page is today is great. I find the organization and filters are great. I would also be helpful to have a field for "Date opened" or "Date of first posting" (however you want to flag it) so that we can tell if something is very fresh, or something is coming back into cycle...
  19. Woodworking Skill Share
    So I woke up this morning with an idea. Yep, I actually had a thought in my tiny brain. I think it cost me some brain cells, but here I am and here it is. I was thinking how great it would be, and maybe this has been thought of before so sorry if it has, if several lumberjocks (however many...
  20. Site Help and Suggestions
    There seems to be an up-tick in spam postings on the website. I suggest a function to flag a posting as spam/inappropriate. Enough flags would either remove the listing or send it to Martin (or other moderator) for review.
1-20 of 37 Results