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  1. sugar maple vase

    This sugar maple hollow form is from a tree that was salvaged after the tornadoes went through Tennessee earlier this year. Vase is almost 14 inches tall and is 10 inches across at its widest point. I sanded it down to 300 grit, wiped on some tung oil, let that dry and then sanded it back up...
  2. Angela's Gavel

    A friend of mine's wife was in her last semester at law school when I tried to make a mortar and pestle. I had a started to turn the mortar when I realized that it had some worm damage. not wanting to throw out the beautifully spalted piece, I decided to make a gavel.
  3. Cutting board

    I found some very nice pieces of wood in my stash, and made another cutting board. This 12×18 x 1 1/2 CB is made of Paduck,Purpleheart, Sugar Maple,Bubinga, White Limba, Shedua. Finished with Mineral oil/beeswax.
  4. Design by Music

    I was asked by a woman to design a Cheese/Breadboard to the music of the band "Train" and this is what I came up with. Their music is honest, deep and some references to space, so the Black Walnut reminds me of the solar system and the different colors of the type of music in their songs. It is...
  5. Name plaques for family

    I wanted to buy some name plaques for my family, but I had trouble finding ones that I liked. When I was growing up my mom had bought some plaques that I really liked, but that company seems to have gone under. So I decided to just make some myself for my kids, my wife and myself. The wood is...
  6. Blue Pine and Sugar maple

    This is a butcher block made from Beetle kill pine taken out of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. The top is end-grain hard maple finished with mineral oil. it is removable in order to be easily cleaned.
  7. Sugar Maple is sweet

    Hollow form turned from a piece of sugar maple. Piece is 8 inches high, 6 inches across at the widest point and the hollow form opening is 1/2" in diameter. Finish is 5 coats of high gloss Waterlox that was hand rubbed in. I let each coat dry overnight, sanding in between coats with 1500 grit...
  8. Recent Turnings

    This is what i've been up to, the first picture is a camphor-rosewood miniature hollowform 1 1/4×15/16" finished with thin superglue, micro meshed then scratch-X then some kind liquid of car wax (dont remember the name) i reallyyy like turning miniatures :D this hollowform is going to be given...
  9. Cutting Boards

    I am still building up my depleted inventory. I decided to try making an couple of edge grain CB's for variety. One is 12×18-1/2×1-5/8 made with Santos Mahogany, American elm, White Ash, Paduck, Flaked Oak, Shedua, Lyptus, Bocote. The other is 12×12 x 1-3/4 made with Paduck, Shedua, Sugar Maple...
  10. Pecan Angel

    Made this for my Mom for Christmas. The body is pecan and the wings are sugar maple. Inspiration from a Carl Jacobson youtube video. And it was fun to do. Have about 6 more to make.
  11. Sugar Maple BS Box

    Small BS box made outta sugar maple wood from a tree damaged in last October's freak snow storm here. Wood is still some-what green and has some nice interesting cracks run all through it. I have a LOT of this wood in a barn just waiting on it to cure. Thanks for looking
  12. Quilt pattern cutting board

    This CB is made from Bolivian rosewood, shedua, sugar maple, black walnut, yellowheart, bubinga. It measures 12×18 x 1 3/8. After observing my sister's quilt she was making, I decided to try and make a quilt pattern CB. After cutting all the pieces 45 deg I started to glue them together, but was...
  13. Candy Dispenser

    A woman that works with my wife wanted a candy dispenser for her brother in Maine who loves M & M's. I made it out of Sugar Maple and Black Locust. The grain in the Locust blends well with the Maple.
  14. Italian Cutting Board

    My brother-in-law's girlfriend is an Italian chef, and wanted me to make her a cutting board to match her Italian kitchen, is this is what I came up with (she picked the woods). It is made from Black Walnut, Sugar Maple, Paduck, Canarywood, Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Cherry. It is 19" x 12-1/4" x...
  15. BEAUTE'S BAGUE / '' beautiful's ring''

    What a tricky contest. Ask woodworkers to make jewelry and then what? It seems like one of those projects that you have to give away. So I did. Now the tricky part…. Explain that you really only made the ring for a contest but you wanted her to have it anyway. Here it is! I made this ring for my...
  16. Flag Display Case

    My brother blessed me with the honor of making a display case for our Dad's flag presented at his memorial service for his service in World War II. I was also given the honor of making both of my parents' burial urns. For part of Dad's urn, I used some sugar maple that Dad had cut for...
  17. Lidded box

    This is a thin piece of plexiglas in a jar of acetone and let it sit for a couple of days. The acetone pretty much turned the plexiglas soft enough to apply to the turning with a clean white rag. (my wife wonders where all my old tee shirts go to). This is wiped onto the box while the lathe...
  18. First try at a chess board and set

    I was making a lot of end grain cutting boards for some friends and family for Christmas this year. Some of them had checker like patterns on them, and people started asking if I also made chess boards. I had never actually tried to make a chess board, so I decided to give it a stab just to...
  19. Quilt Cutting Board

    I had some scrap pieces of wood and decided to cut, plane, glue; repeat a few more times and this is what came out. It is 11" x 17" x 1-1/2 thk and made from Black Walnut, Sugar Maple, Shedua, Yellowheart, Macawood, Purpleheart, Paduck, Chestnut and Hickory. Thanks for viewing. -don
  20. Cutting Board Experiment

    I started out making a drunken CB but after the first few cutting and glue-ups I realized I never made a CB for my wife, so I wondered what an end grain CB would look like after having made some wave cut's on the bandsaw. Well this is it,. not what I was hopng for, but a nice CB just the same...
1-20 of 43 Results