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  1. Arts and crafts cabinet with string inlay

    I had a terrible problem. My wife is a fan of craftsman-style furniture and I had recently completed a craftsman-style dining room set for our dining room (see it here and here). It took a long time to flatten the top of that dining-room table. But, after hours of sanding and planing I finally...
  2. Coffee Clock for a cafe

    Another clock for christmas
  3. A box is a box until ...

    A box is a box until you embellish it . Well I have been trying to learn the old craft of string inlay, and finally felt like it was time to try it on a project. I chose' string and berry' to copy an old (1700's) spice box, and because Terry has a birthday next month I put her initial on the...
  4. Blogs
    An introduction Since I already blog at my own domain I did not want to duplicate all of that content here at LumberJocks each time that I made a post. So, I asked Martin if it was appropriate for me to have blog entries here at LumberJocks that link to my own blog. The answer was a...
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  5. Blogs
    an application of calculus to string inlay If you're more than a little nerdy, you might like to learn how I used a bit of calculus in doing some string inlay. Just click on Calculus Meets String Inlay to read about it.
  6. Woodworking Skill Share
    I built this custom dining table for a client in Santa Fe, NM a few months ago. There were a few fussy tricks to work out while building it so I decided to write an article on my Furniture Blog about how I built it.
1-6 of 6 Results