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  1. Mellow Yellow Electric Guitar

    MELLOW YELLOW The top half of this Strat style guitar body was constructed using reclaimed Osage citrus tree wood while the bottom half was constructed using reclaimed barn oak.
  2. Sampler Guitar

    SAMPLER This Strat style guitar body was constructed in three layers. The top layer is a sampling of reclaimed cherry, walnut, and mahogany woods. The center section was constructed using reclaimed oak. The bottom section features a three piece wedge design using reclaimed mahogany on...
  3. Checkerboard Guitar

    CHECKERED* This Strat style guitar body is a butcher block construction using reclaimed mahogany (red) and hemlock (natural) woods in a solid checkerboard pattern.
  4. Birch Electric Guitar

    BIRCH The top half of this Strat style guitar body was constructed using reclaimed birch. The bottom half was constructed using the same reclaimed birch, but with added reclaimed walnut and citrus tree inlays.
  5. Walnut Electric Guitar

    WALNUT ELECTRIC GUITAR Strat-style solid reclaimed walnut body.
  6. Glitter Strat

    This strat is a departure from my first two dyed, figured maple top guitars. I used the traditional alder and tried a gaudy glitter finish. I got automotive flake from "Paint With Pearl" and put it into the nitro lacquer. The pictures don't do it justice because it is like a million little...
  7. Skinna Custom Strat Copy - Mahogany with Maple Veneer & Maple Neck

    Have attached some pics of my most recently finished electric which is a mahogany 38mm body with a book-matched 3mm maple veneer on the top, joined onto a birdseye maple neck, all accentuated with all gold hardware, 3x humbucking pickups; feels nice, and sounds even nicer, plays awesome…. I...
  8. Christmas Present to Myself

    Just finished this on Thursday. I bought the neck but the rest I did myself. I have a jig for the body so I traced it on some swamp ash I bought, cut it and routed it. After that, I used Behlen walnut dye to darken it. I then sealed it with shellac, filled the grain and sprayed it with 11 coats...
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    Greetings all, Just found this website when I was looking for a manual for my table saw and through looking around it seems there is a fairly strong community of woodworkers here. I have recently renovated my entire house with the help of my father in law and through helping him build out new...
  10. Blogs
    Project Start I started taking guitar lessons last year. My instrument is a Classical Style Acoustic guitar. I chose a classical guitar because it has a 2" nut, which is perfect for my big fat fingers. After a while, I became interested in electric guitars also. Electric guitars have much...
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    For Christmas this year I made some boxes. The problem is; ok, there were lots of problems, but this particular problem is that after finishing the boxes, the purple heartwood was more brown heartwood. I tried a couple different finishes. I used "natural" minwax with a coat of gloss...
1-11 of 11 Results