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  1. Clamp rack wall

    This is my new clamp wall and the racks I made to accommodate the not so abundant collection of clamps. Each on of these are modular and are 25" in length. They are mounted to the studs and to each other to make one continuous rack that has many different styles of clamps to be held in them...
  2. Battery Storage/Dispenser Unit (VIDEO)

    Video can be found here: Storing batteries can be very dangerous, especially 9 volts. 9 volts are particularly dangerous because they have both the + and - terminals right next to each other. This can cause these batteries to easily contact something conductive and heat up extremely fast. This...
  3. Drawer, Drawers, and More Drawers| Custom

    This is a platform bed that I built with LOTS of drawers. It has a total of 18 drawers with a double door at the foot. I call this my Triple Tier Pedestal. These drawers are also deeper then most dressers. They are 18" compared to most dressers are usually about 14". We also added moldings to...
  4. Blogs
    Thanks Jay (Jay's Custom Creations) This is just a quick video to say thanks to fellow woodworker Jay Bates. Check out his video to see how he made some simple and inexpensive brackets that can be used for shelving or lumber storage. Thanks for watching. Take care.
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    hi i have being trying to post a project every thing seems fine when i click the preview button i can see the photos but when i click post the topic i keep getting this error in red 1 error prohibited this project from being saved There were problems with the following fields: Project must have...
1-5 of 5 Results