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  1. $500.00 ?! Are you Nuts ?!

    Long story short. I help the boss with the laundry, (she's getting up there too) but bending down to load & unload the wash was killing my arthritic legs. So I go to "big blue" and almost had a heart attack when the guy said their laundry machine pedestals would cost me $500.00 ! I couldn't get...
  2. Under cabinet storage drawers

    These are simple plywood boxes on casters to store tools I don't use that often. I left a one inch gap between the top of the drawer and the bottom of the cabinet to easily pull them out without having to put pulls on them. Painted and trimmed to match my cabinets.
  3. Putting tools within arm’s reach—Two under-bench drawers

    Maybe it's because I'm a type A personality. But when I work at my bench, I like to have the tools I use most all within arm's reach. I find that this setup maintains the flow of work. However, as my tool kit grew, it soon overtaxed the capacity of the pegboard storage above the bench. It was...
1-3 of 3 Results