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  1. Custom Sewing table

    This sewing table was commissioned by a lady that knew exactly waht she wanted in a sewing table but was unable to locate it through retails sources. She wanted a table that was small enough to fit in the space she had but large enough to utilize that space well with a flip up extension that...
  2. Murphy Bed |Raised Panel w/Desk | Custom

    This is a murphy wall bed that I call the Smithsonian. The first one I built like this was for the Smiths, hence the SMITHsonian name. This is one that I make the desk disappear into the face of the murphy bed. I actually modify the Create-a-bed building instructions for the inner frame to...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories GOF 1600 CE in Europe. I've been using this router only for a few months but it has only a few working hours. I'm using it for routing/ trimming tenons and routing mortises. And this evening it just stopped...
1-3 of 3 Results