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  1. A $100 Miter Gauge for $1

    You can buy an expensive after market miter gauge for $100 and more but I decided to build my own for about $1 hardware I already had in my shop. I milled two dadoes in a 3/4" MDF scrap (4" X 24") and glued 1/4" MDF strips to end up with two T-slots 1" apart from the bottom and top edges. The...
  2. Drill Press Table

    Over Christmas I got my very first drill press. It wasn't long after I began using it that I realized why everyone has a drill press table. These things sure are handy. I got my design by combining several I'd seen here on LumberJocks, mainly Robsshop's. Thanks Rob, I really liked the idea...
1-3 of 3 Results