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  1. Blogs
    I've done a lot of furniture repair so I thought I'd share some tips on how to shorten a chair or stool legs so there's no wobble. I hope you find this helpful. Scott
  2. Turtle Stool

    Nothing fancy: just a turtle. Rip the legs at about 10 degrees before the profile is cut out.
  3. Chair / stool

    One of my friends brought back a chair / stool from Egypt and let me take measurements. The first two pics are my prototype made from poplar, with the third being made for my son out of oak. The beauty of this is that it actually looks like a chair or a stool.
  4. Step stool

    Here is a step stool I built for my son Emerick. Wood was saved from being tossed in the dumpster at work. 1/2" red oak which made the stool fairly light weight, even a two year old can move it around on his own. Dovetail joinery. I tend to personalize a lot of gifts I give by carving the...
  5. Cherry and Maple Saddle Bar Stools

    Build Video to this project Saddle Bar Stool Build This project started as a means to use some wood that had been laying around my shop for a couple years. The seat tops themselves are from a tree that fell when I was in college. While a friend of mine had cut up some of it and milled it, I had...
  6. Step stool

    This is the step stool I designed and built in shop class. I chose walnut because I thought it looked good and it is very heavy duty. After I cut my pieces to size and routed the sides it was time to stain my projects. I decided to use Antique Cherry because it just gave the wood a darker look...
  7. Kids Puzzle Stool, wedged tenon legs

    My wife and I are attending a baby shower this weekend, and as usual are bringing a homemade gift. I've posted these before so I'll spare the construction details. The top is 2 layers of 3/4 BB, legs are 1-1/4" oak dowels set at a 12 degree angle and wedged in. Finish is Minwax "natural" stain...
  8. Step stool

    I made this step stool with cherry wood in woods class, I did not stain the wood. I used the rounded edge for the routing process of the project. I used tung oil for finish. I had a little bit of trouble sanding the wood down.

    This is what happens when it is too cold and rainy to work outside. Bring it in. :) This is a large, live edge log stool 21 inches in diameter, about 17.5 inches high. This stool has 4 legs rather than the traditional three. Why? I just wanted to that's why. :) the newspapers tell you that...
  10. Counter Height Stools

    After searching the box stores and furniture stores and not finding a good selection of stools of counter height stools. I decided to try my luck at making some. They are made of popular. Tried my luck at upholstery and learned some tricks and design improvements after the fact. All and all...
  11. Stooling Around

    For the upcoming show, barstools usually sell. Wanted a little more modern look to them. Made of Beetle Kill Pine with black walnut stain. Both are 28" tall and 18" wide. Thanks for reading and all comments and suggestions are welcome
  12. Meditation stool

    One of my first projects - a kneeling meditation stool. Original design, with supports cut for ergonomic fit. I was able to was able to salvage an old piece of wide mahogany.
  13. Japanese Stool (Hand Tools Only)

    I built this Japanese stool for someone, and wanted to use only hand tools. The stool has 12 mortise and tenon joints, and is glued together. The lumber is recyled from an area construction site. The top was shaped using tons of saw kerfs as stop cuts along the top to the desired depth of the...
  14. Step Stool

    The "Big Girl" needed a step stool in the bathroom to reach things. This is made from southern yellow pine and walnut pegs. The finish is shellac with a paste wax top coat to smooth it all out.
  15. Kids Step Stools

    My daughter uses her plastic step stool all the time and constantly drags is from room to room. So I decided to make a few of these to keep in the other rooms. I found the plans on Ana White's website. She does good work. Really this was just good practice for me since I'm still getting my feet...
  16. Practice stool

    I made this stool as a practice piece for having legs splayed out at 5 degrees and making a formed seat. It was made from mahogany that was originally pool table frame that a friend rescued and delivered to me. I was working around holes left from its previous use. I wanted to make it narrow...
  17. Barn Find Oak Stool

    A few weekends ago, my brother and I went to a barn auction and I walked away with a pile of decades old oak boards for $5. Apparently people don't realize the potential of this stuff! One of the boards in the pile was a 10" x 2" foot slab of oak. It had various knots in it and worm holes...
  18. My wooden Shop Stool

    Hi all!, here is the complete project of my new shop stool. This work, was covered with two videos that point to the working feeling. I also called it: "stool in concert", because of the beauty of the music, that put me on the right sensation. Also I posted two blog entries about the process...
  19. Two Stepper

    Based on a project in an issue of Woodwork Magazine. The magazine version had half-blind dovetails, but I went with pinned box joints (that's what I call 'em anyway). That joint fits my skill level better. The stretcher is m&t into the sides. I made it out of Ash. It came out pretty well...
  20. Classical Guitarist's Footstool Footrest

    Just recently started woodworking and my brother is a classical guitarist so this was an obvious project for me.. The main footrest is reclaimed white oak with a leather pad and the scissor supports on the side are mahogany plywood i pulled off of some drawers (reclaimed) and some 3/8" dowels...
1-20 of 500 Results