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  1. Stone Inlaid .22 Stock

    I share a shop with a gunsmith - so I guess it was only a matter of time before someone asked for stone inlay in a gun! This .22 came in only partly functional and with a stock that appeared to have been "modified" at some point by someone with more energy than skill. Since it was going to be a...
  2. Barstool Stone Inlays

    I was given a pair of old bar stools by customer and asked if I could "save" them. They were in pretty tough shape and had, at some point in their life, been given a haphazard and unfortunate coat of stain (far more "Molting Hyena" than "Dark Walnut"). Normally I build everything that I do...
  3. Brazilian cherry and Vineyard green granite top hall table

    This is a table I made from Brazilian cherry also known as jotoba wood, ( think I spelled that right) with a vineyard green granite top from India. Finished in ongoing coats of polyurethane I spray on, up to 10 right now, will do another 5 at least. Took bending and forming 7 legs to get 4 that...
  4. Koa and Volga blue granite table

    I've made this style before with a different granite type but the same type of design. Koa wood finished in sprayed polyurethane, currently at 10 coats, about 5 more to go, then buffed out. Volga blue as some of you have seen me post before, has beautiful irridescent blue flakes in it at the...
  5. Sculpted sea rays in Volga blue granite

    Okay, I know it's not wood, but those that know me, know I've posted my stone work before since I work in a lot of stone. The base is Golden Ambrosia granite, ( I think I remember the name right, there's so many kinds) I chose it because it looks so much like the ocean sand. I carved the edges...
  6. Manta rays sculpted from Black Galaxy granite

    Manta rays sculpted from Black Galaxy granite with Golden Ambrosia granite base. This granite is a little more stable than my other "ray" sculpture I just posted, but still I sweated doing the thin tail and the wing tips, especially baby, I was holding him in my hand grinding and polishing him...
  7. Wooden family crest photo album

    Finished a long project, I was commissioned (in a way, by a family member, so ya more like asked but not payed, but in this case it's ok) to make a wooden photo album for my grandfather's 90th birthday. Found a nice peice of walnut with a knot hole, used a clean portion to carve the Blair...
  8. New home for cut offs

    Not really a woodworking project but cool none the less … The boss was kind enough to let me borrow the mini excavator for the weekend in an effort to build a firepit. That backstop stone is buried about 3' in the ground with about 3' showing. Here's how it turned out …. Not posted in the...
  9. Secretary Desk

    Mostly finished. I created a secretary's desk for my wife's music lesson business. The dimensions are 84inches by 64inches in lengths. The height of the desk is 42inches including the limestone top. The secretary's desk is 28 inches. This was a great improvement over the previous antique...
  10. Ranch Rustic Antique Shotgun Wall Rack Display Osage Orange Fence Post Bull Hide Kansas Flint Hills

    Wall Mounted Display Rack for an Antique Double Barreled 12 Gauge Shotgun, using antique Osage Orange Fence Posts from a Chase County Kansas Flint Hills Tall Grass Prairie Cattle Ranch. ------------------- Project Story This project was a commission to build a wall display rack for an antique...
  11. Persimmon Bowl with Malachite Crack

    This came from a log that had been on the ground for some time. The outside inch or so was almost totally dry, and so it cracked in a somewhat different way than bowls normally do. I filled it with malachite to attempt a save.
  12. "Female Petal"

    This is an abstract vagina sculpted in Calcite with a cherry base.
  13. Sculptures

    These are some more of my sculptures. "Wedding Ring" Anagoma fired Clay "Siren" White Italian Alabaster "Sheltered Life" Alabaster
  14. Patio Table top

    Here is a table top I have been working on for the last couple months. (in all honesty I only have a weekend or two in time on it but the resin coat I put on needs to be applied at a certain temperature and it has only been recently that it was warm enough outside for me to do this as my shop is...
  15. Red Oak Salad Bowl with Bluestone Inlay

    Here's a 12" x 3.75" Red Oak salad bowl from a slab that I milled and dried. There was a large worm hole that ended up on the outside of the bowl, so I filled it with bluestone dust and CA glue. The finish is General Finishes salad bowl finish.
  16. Stone Inlay People into Walnut

    This was my first attempt at trying to capture realistic people in stone and wood. The routering of the design into the wood was definitely the most nerve-wracking part since every bit of wood that I was leaving was an integral line for the design. Usually I can move lines around a bit to...
  17. riverstone table with Manzanita legs

    Here's a riverstone table that I recently sold out of a gallery in Avila Beach CA. The legs are Manzanita, and the top is a slab from a local walnut. There are splines behind each stone that join the two 1/2s of the table together. Comments and Critiques are welcome!!!
  18. Stone birdhouse

    Wood shingle roof and stoen walls, I put a thick layer of grey urethane caulk on then pushed the stones into it. It worked pretty well. It survived the last hurricane we had her in Florida!!
  19. Artist's palette table

    My little upcycling project, used kitchen quartz worktop offcut and few posts … Please watch the making video
1-20 of 133 Results